Egyptian Goose

Egyptian Goose (& ducks vs. geese)

Alopochen aegyptiaca (apolochen = Greek: "fox goose" probably because of the bird's colour; aegyptiaca = Latin: "Egyptian") Call: The Egyptian Goose is not, in fact,…

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Yellow-fronted Canary

Yellow-fronted Canary (& seed-eating)

Crithagra mozambica (Derivation obscure, possibly from krith = barley [Greek], mozambica = of Mozambique [Latin]) Song: This colourful and cheerfully vocal bird is a pleasure to…

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Black Crake

Black Crake (& bird duets)

Amaurornis flavirostra (amaurornis = Greek: dark, dim or obscure bird; flavirostra = Latin: yellow bill)Nhapata (Shona) Call: (Black Crake Bird Call Kruger National Park |…

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