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Blank Map Of Zimbabwe

A blank map is one of the most useful study aids you can employ. You can record and practice recalling many types of information on a map – and in the exam you will often be able to remember a picture more easily than you remember words.

Blank map of Zimbabwe

What can you do with a blank map of Zimbabwe?

Make many copies of the map and look up and record the following types of information as accurately as possible on your maps:

  • Provinces & their capitals
  • Neighbouring countries & the border posts leading to them
  • Major rivers, dams, including Kariba, Mtirikwe, etc
  • Victoria Falls                                                                                                    
  • The Agro-ecological Regions
  • Altitude (maybe 2 levels, the highest and the lowest – & the rest is “middle”)
  • Trans-frontier parks
  • World Heritage sites (natural & historical)
  • National Parks Estate

Test yourself repeatedly. Without looking at your original try and fill in the information you are concentrating on. Then check how you did and fill in or correct where necessary. Then try again without looking. And so on. Learning comes out of repetition and testing yourself.

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Paddy Pacey

Zimbabwean field guide and trainer of aspiring guides

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