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Canoeing (Special Paper) – February, 2022

Canoeing Paper Thumbnail, Feb 22

(For past canoeing papers from 2007 to 2020 see the post from June, 2020. “What is involved in the Canoeing Special Paper?”)

CAN.FEB.2022.QU.1   Explain why it is recommended always to wear shoes on a canoeing expedition 2 mks

CAN.FEB.2022.QU.2   Tanzania is one of the basin countries of the Zambezi River. True/False 1 mk

CAN.FEB.2022.QU.3     Identify any four (4) basic pieces of equipment that should be secured in the boat before pushing off each time you canoe. 4 mks

CAN.FEB.2022.QU.4   Give any three reasons why frogs call. 3 mks

CAN.FEB.2022.QU.5     List the documents needed when registering a canoe. 2 mks

CAN.FEB.2022.QU.6   Which bird species is commonly found gathered around Lake Kariba’s shores where a ‘soup’ of algae forms its excellent food source. 2 mks

CAN.FEB.2022.QU.7    Canoes come in different sizes and size determines the number of people using the canoe. Identify the appropriate canoe size for:-

  • a solo trip – 2 mks
  • dual trip – 2 mks

CAN.FEB.2022.QU.8    Name the feature that is considered to be the boundary between the upper and middle Zambezi 2 mks.

CAN.FEB.2022.QU.9    When canoeing as a pair, describe the navigation roles played by the person:-

  • in the front of the canoe 2 mks
  • at the back of the canoe 2 mks

CAN.FEB.2022.QU.10   Along which river would you find Kabora Bassa? 2 mks

CAN.FEB.2022.QU.11  What is the common name of an aquatic alien plant species known as Eichhornia crassipes? 2 mks

CAN.FEB.2022.QU.12   Whilst camping close to a river bank, what measures would you take to prevent the possibility of contracting malaria? 3 mks

CAN.FEB.2022.QU.13   Can you use plastic material to make paddles? Give reasons. 3 mks

CAN.FEB.2022.QU.14     You are canoeing in Tokwe-Mukosi Dam and you explain to your clients about a graveyard of former residents of that area found just a kilometre from the lake. Your clients really want to see this graveyard and ask you to take them for a walk and show them. What would you do? Give reasons for your decision. 4 mks

CAN.FEB.2022.QU.15 You are with a group of clients while you are canoeing along the Zambezi River and a wounded hippo is charging towards the clients.

  • What action will you take? 2 mks
  • Justify your action in light of the legal frameworks binding you. 2 mks

CAN.FEB.2022.QU.16   Into which ocean does the Zambezi River discharge its water 2 mks

CAN.FEB.2022.QU.17   You are canoeing in a river with some current. Ahead is a sweeping bend with a prominent rock in the middle. Explain what you should do when faced with this scenario 2 mks

CAN.FEB.2022.QU.18    From Kariba Dam wall the Zambezi River heads towards Chirundu. Beyond this, the river is flanked by two wildlife areas. Name them.

2 mks

CAN.FEB.2022.QU.19     If you capsize in a rapid, do not try to stand up in water that is more than about 12 inches deep. True/False 2 mks

Paddy Pacey

Zimbabwean field guide and trainer of aspiring guides

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