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Canoeing (Special Paper), February, 2023

CAN.FEB.23 – QU. 1      Where is Kanyemba Island and how did it receive its name?     2 mks

CAN.FEB.23 – QU. 2    In order to safely control a flotilla of four canoes, what distance between the canoes will you tell your clients to keep?       2 mks

CAN.FEB.23 – QU. 3    What bird species is commonly found gathered around a eutrophic lake where a “soup” of algae forms its excellent food source. Identify and comment on the unique anatomical features of the above-mentioned bird that enables it to feed on this algae.      3 mks

CAN.FEB.23 – QU. 4     You are with your clients at night and temperatures drop to such an extent that you decide to light a fire to keep you warm. How far from the water are you allowed to light a fire?      2 mks

CAN.FEB.23 – QU. 5     Give the common and scientific name of a fish species which evolved to replace gills with lungs?       2 mks

CAN.FEB.23 – QU. 6   Define a canoe in terms of the Inland Waters Shipping Act Chapter 13:06.       2 mks

CAN.FEB.23 – QU. 7     Give the common name of a bird that occurs on the lower Zambezi River and is an indicator of a stable system (though this bird is now threatened with extinction).    1 mk

CAN.FEB.23 – QU. 8      State any three reasons why frogs call.       3 mks

CAN.FEB.23 – QU. 9      Name the feature that is considered to be the boundary between the upper and middle Zambezi.      1 mk

CAN.FEB.23 – QU. 10      Which type of monkey is found in the Batoka gorge below the Victoria Falls?        2 mks

CAN.FEB.23 – QU. 11    Briefly describe the following terms as used in canoeing.

a. Boil                          2 mks

b. Eddie                      2 mks

 CAN.FEB.23 – QU. 12   What is the technical term for a collection of debris in a river which allows water to pass through but catches and holds large objects? 2 mks

 CAN.FEB.23 – QU. 13     The four components of a search and rescue are; locate, assess, stabilize and …….. ?          2 mks

 CAN.FEB.23 – QU. 14     At the operational site of a river rescue, who should wear personal protective equipment?     3 mks

 CAN.FEB.23 – QU. 15    Around Victoria Falls, which Zimbabwean National Park do we have? 

1 mk

 CAN.FEB.23 – QU. 16  How many gorges are found on the Zambezi River? 1 mk

 CAN.FEB.23 – QU. 17 What is the name of the last part of the Victoria Falls found on the Zambian side?     2 mks

 CAN.FEB.23 – QU. 18      Which is the most common brown bird found in the Batoka gorge that makes a huge nest.     2 mks

 CAN.FEB.23 – QU. 19      What is the difference between low water and high water? 4 mks

 CAN.FEB.23 – QU. 20      Name any three birds of prey found in Victoria Falls gorge. 3 mks

 CAN.FEB.23 – QU. 21     What hand signal do you give when in need of a first aid kit? 2 mks

 CAN.FEB.23 – QU. 22      What would you if your client is bitten by a Mozambique spitting cobra on your trip? 3 mks

 CAN.FEB.23 – QU. 23    In the event of near drowning, once the person has been resuscitated, what should you do?     2 mks

Paddy Pacey

Zimbabwean field guide and trainer of aspiring guides

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