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Canoeing, Special Paper, September 2022

CAN.SEPT.22 – QU.1    

a) Where does the Zambezi River flow into?                                                 1 mk

b) When was Lake Kariba completed?                                                            1 mk

CAN.SEPT.22 – QU.2   

  1. Paddles should always be tied to the canoe whenever you are canoeing. True/False?  1 mk
  2. You are about to take clients comprising a group of four members. Which canoe size is suitable for this tour?          1 mk

CAN.SEPT.22 – QU.3   What bird would you see in the Zambezi Valley with a beak that appears not to close properly?

CAN.SEPT.22 – QU.4    You are canoeing across Lake Kariba from Matusadona lake shore to Charara lake shore and a certain fish species flashes past you. From your brief glimpse you identify a type of bream with a greenish-black forepart and black to dark grey body. Name the fish that fits this description.   2 mks

CAN.SEPT.22 – QU.5 You are canoeing in the Chewore Safari Area and you have just passed the Tunsa River. You mention to your clients the hot springs found about 4 kms upriver. Your clients really want to see this natural feature and ask you to take them for a walk there and show them. What would you do and why?    3 mks

CAN.SEPT.22 – QU.6    

a) When fishing what fish species would you be trying to attract if you put a spinner on your rod?        1 mk

b) Kapenta are an introduced fish species in Lake Kariba. State any two ecological implications in the Lake that came with its introduction.  2 mks

CAN.SEPT.22 – QU.7   When canoeing how would you protect yourself from the following:

  1. Sunburn                                               1 mk
  2. Dehydration                                         1 mk

CAN.SEPT.22 – QU.8    What does the term “riparian vegetation” mean?    2 mks

CAN.SEPT.22 – QU.9    What are the advantages of using a longer canoe than a shorter canoe on a water body?         3 mks

CAN.SEPT.22 – QU.10  Is it true that when canoeing the person at the back does the power strokes and the one in the front steers the canoe? Explain your answer.            3 mks

CAN.SEPT.22 – QU.11   

  1. A hippopotamus gives birth on land   True/False?   1 mk
  2. What does the term endorheic mean in relation to pans?   2 mks

CAN.SEPT.22 – QU.12  Name the five countries through which the Zambezi River flows in Southern Africa.   5 mks

CAN.SEPT.22 – QU.13 Manapools is comprised of four pools. Name these pools.   4 mks

CAN.SEPT.22 – QU.14   In which park and exact location did “Operation Noah” take place?   2 mks

CAN.SEPT.22 – QU.15   You are conducting a group of clients using a speedboat and you are faced with a wounded hippo charging your boat.

  1. What should your reaction be?   2 mks
  2. Justify your action in the light of the legal framework governing you.   2 mks

CAN.SEPT.22 – QU.16   What is the term used to describe migratory species of fish such as the trout that can survive all levels of salinity?     1 mk

CAN.SEPT.22 – QU.17    What are the major cold weather health problems that can affect your clients on a canoe trip.      2 mks

CAN.SEPT.22 – QU.18   List any three examples on inland water systems.     3 mks

CAN.SEPT.22 – QU.19    State all the documents needed when registering a canoe.    2 mks

Paddy Pacey

Zimbabwean field guide and trainer of aspiring guides

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