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Canoeing (Special Paper), September, 2023

CAN.SEPT.23 – Qu. 1   You are conducting a canoe safari, how would you respond to the following questions asked by your client?

a. Is it true that crocodile teeth are of the thecodont type rather than acrodont or pleurodont types?       1 mk

b. What is the difference between these three types of teeth?      3mks

c. Is it true that small crocodiles sometimes may gallop when moving? Explain your answer. (2 mks)

d. Can you legally shoot a crocodile which has attacked your client?      2 mks

CAN.SEPT.23 – Qu. 2    In order to safely control a flotilla of four canoes, what distance between the canoes will you tell your clients to keep?         2 mks 

CAN.SEPT.23 – Qu. 3     Describe the nests of the following species.

a. Fish eagle 1 mk

b. Spotted backed weaver  1 mk

CAN.SEPT.23 – Qu. 4    What is the largest fish species that you would find in the Zambezi valley?

CAN.SEPT.23 – Qu. 5      You are driving back to a base at Kariba town at the end of your canoe safari. During the journey your vehicle overheats, and you discover a small hole in the radiator. You are far from any settlements. In order to get your clients back to Kariba in good time what will you do to fix the vehicle? 2 mks  

CAN.SEPT.23 – Qu. 6     You are canoeing along the river with a group of clients when a bull hippo overturns one of your client’s canoes. What is your immediate course of action? 3 mks

CAN.SEPT.23 – Qu. 7     When was the building of the Kariba Dam completed? 1 mk

CAN.SEPT.23 – Qu. 8    

a) How many countries does the Zambezi River flow through? 1 mk

b) Name the countries.  5 mks

CAN.SEPT.23 – Qu. 9     Name any two items that you should have in your canoe to ensure the safety of your clients?   2 mks

CAN.SEPT.23 – Qu. 10     Give the scientific name for the Kariba Weed.   1 mk

CAN.SEPT.23 – Qu. 11    How long is the Zambezi River from source to mouth?     1 mk

CAN.SEPT.23 – Qu. 12     When canoeing, how would you protect yourself from the following:

a. Sunburn? 1 mk

b. Dehydration? 1 mk

CAN.SEPT.23 – Qu. 13    Give the scientific name of the most famous large aquatic mammal found on the Zambezi River Basin. 2 mks

CAN.SEPT.23 – Qu. 14     Name any two man-made Lakes found along the Zambezi River.   2 mks

CAN.SEPT.23 – Qu. 15     What is the term used to describe migratory species of fish such as the trout that can survive all levels of salinity? 1 mk

CAN.SEPT.23 – Qu. 16     Which alien aquatic plant species were discovered shortly after the creation of the following dams:

a. Lake Kariba 1 mk

b. Chivero  1 mk

CAN.SEPT.23 – Qu. 17   Name any two examples of riparian vegetation found along the Zambezi River.    2 mks

CAN.SEPT.23 – Qu. 18     

(a) Which bird species is commonly found gathered around a eutrophic lake where a “soup” of algae forms its excellent food source? 1 mk

(b) Identify and comment on the unique anatomical feature on the above named birds that enables them to feed from this algae. 2 mks

CAN.SEPT.23 – Qu. 19     You are canoeing across Kariba and a certain fish species jumps over your boat to the other side. In a glimpse you identified it as a bream with a greenish-black forepart and greyish to dark black on the posterior body.

(a) Name the fish species identified from the brief description given above. 1 mk

(b) Identify any one other fish species that commonly jumps across small canoes during canoeing. 1 mk

CAN.SEPT.23 – Qu. 20   When would you use the following forms of canoes?

a. A straight-line keel type of a canoe  1 mk

b. Rockered-keel type of a canoe  1 mk

CAN.SEPT.23 – Qu. 21    What are the advantages of using a long canoe than using a shorter one on a water body?     3 mks

Paddy Pacey

Zimbabwean field guide and trainer of aspiring guides

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