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Canoeing (Special Paper), September, 2024

CAN.FEB.24 – QU.1  Briefly outline any of the four major dangers that canoeists should be warned about in the pre-trip safety talk before embarking on a canoe safari.    4 mks

CAN.FEB.24 – QU.2    Explain briefly how you would react to a situation where you are canoeing down the Zambezi River eastwards and a strong wind comes up from the east causing the waves to increase and making canoeing difficult for you and your clients.   3 mks

CAN.FEB.24 – QU.3 

  1. What threatened species of bird, which is also an indicator species of a stable ecosystem, occurs on the lower Zambezi?    1 mk
  2. Where does the bird named in a. above nest?

CAN.FEB.24 – QU.4   Name two species of Night Heron that occur in the Zambezi River?   2 mks

CAN.FEB.24 – QU.5   You are canoeing down the Zambezi. You are too late to get to your designated canoe campsite to spend the night because of the strong head winds that have been blowing. What would you do?   3 mks

CAN.FEB.24 – QU.6   On a long haul canoe trip how far from the water are you allowed to light a fire? Explain your answer.   2 mks

CAN.FEB.24 – QU.7    What is the length of the Kariba Dam wall and how high is it?    2 mks

CAN.FEB.24 – QU.8   You are on a canoe safari and your client is particularly interested in crocodiles.  How will you react when he asks you:

  1. To attract crocodiles with meat scraps from your meal;  3 mks
  2. What is the length of incubation of crocodile eggs;          1 mk
  3. To name three common predators of crocodile eggs.        3 mks

CAN.FEB.24 – QU.9       Name any two items you should have in your canoe to ensure the safety of your clients.   2 mks

CAN.FEB.24 – QU.10    Your client sees a large nest made up of sticks which is in the fork of a tree. The nest is closed except for an entrance hole which is not easily seen. Which bird built this nest?    1 mk

CAN.FEB.24 – QU.11  Which three indigenous trees are mostly used to make dug-out canoes?    3 mks

CAN.FEB.24 – QU.12 Outline any four considerations you would take into account before choosing the best type of canoe to be used for canoeing?

CAN.FEB.24 – QU.13  You are canoeing down the Zambezi River.  You mention to your clients the existence of prehistoric rock paintings found just a kilometre from the river. They are keen to see these paintings and ask you to take them for a walk to see them. What would you do? Give reasons for your decision.     4 mks

CAN.FEB.24 – QU.14   Besides Victoria Falls name other notable falls found along the Zambezi River.   2 mks

CAN.FEB.24 – QU.15  From Kariba Dam wall the Zambezi heads towards Chirundu and beyond this point the river is flanked by two wildlife areas. Name these two areas.   2 mks

CAN.FEB.24 – QU.16   Whilst camping close to a river bank what preventative measures would you take against the possibility of contracting malaria?      3 mks

CAN.FEB.24 – QU.17   You are canoeing down the Zambezi River with a group of clients when a wounded hippo charges your clients.  What will your reaction be and what is the justification for your action in legal terms?   2 mks

CAN.FEB.24 – QU.18    You are in an over-night designated camp site with your clients. You hear gunshots from about 3 kilometres away from your camp. What do you do?    2 mks

Paddy Pacey

Zimbabwean field guide and trainer of aspiring guides

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