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Examination Papers, February, 2022

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FA.FEB.22.QU.1    Define the following terms as they are used in firearms:

  1. Muzzle
  2. Bore
  3. Seating depth
  4. Fouling                                                       4 mks

FA.FEB.22.QU.2    Name and describe the common types of magazine.    6 mks

FA.FEB.22.QU.3    a. Explain how you would detect a hang fire.    2 mks

                                  b. Outline the causes of a hang fire.        2 mks

FA.FEB.22.QU.4    Outline any three conditions where the Controller can revoke a Firearm Certificate.       3 mks

FA.FEB.22.QU.5    What do the following abbreviations mean in ballistics terminology?

  1. MRTH
  2. POI
  3. CP                                      3 mks

FA.FEB.22.QU.6    Differentiate extraction from ejection.     2 mks

FA.FEB.22.QU.7  The diagram below shows rifle parts. Name parts G, K and M.  3 mks

Weapon for labelling

FA.FEB.22.QU.8    Define the following terms according to the Firearms Act, Chapter 10:09

  1. Firearms Dealer
  2. Acquiring

FA.FEB.22.QU.9  The diagram below shows parts of a bullet. Name parts 1, 2, 3 and 4.    

4 mks

Parts of a bullet - blank


a. Define “action”   1 mk

b. Give two advantages of pump action.     2 mk.

FA.FEB.22.QU.11    What term gives an indication of how easily a given bullet will overcome air resistance and slip through the air?   2 mks

FA.FEB.22.QU.12    Any person carrying on the business of an auctioneer, carrier or storage contractor or employee of such a person may, without holding a Firearms Certificate, have in his possession a firearm or ammunition.  True/False?    2 mks

FA.FEB.22.QU.13  What determines a bullet’s velocity?      3 mks

FA.FEB.22.QU.14   Explain the possible danger of a squib load malfunction.  2 mks

FA.FEB.22.QU.15 Two Zimparks rangers shot a fish poacher on Mushendike Dam. The poacher died from excessive bleeding and the rangers were arrested for unlawful possession of two AK47 rifles. You are called to justify the possession of the weapons.  How are you going to explain it?    3  mks

FA.FEB.22.QU.16   Describe:

  1. Unloading
  2. Loading
  3. Ready      3 mks

General Paper


  1. Name the African country which hosted the AFCON 2021 tournament.   1 mk
  2. Identify the two countries that made it to the finals of AFCON 2021 championship and which country was crowned?   3 mks


  1. In terms of the Zimbabwean economic recovery blueprint what does NDS1 stand for?    2 mks
  2. Besides the Corporate Center (Head Office)  how many Regional Offices does Zimparks have throughout the country?   2 mks

GP.FEB.22.QU.3   Zimparks falls under the Ministry of Environment, Climate, Tourism and Hospitality Industry. List any other three organisations that fall under the same ministry.  

3 mks

GP.FEB.22.QU.4   The Zimbabwe Parks & Wildlife Authority has many land categories within its Estate including Botanical Gardens and Botanical Reserves. Clearly explain how these two categories contrast with each other.   2 mks


  1. SMART has become the in-thing in Law enforcement in most protected areas nowadays. Unpack the meaning of the acronym SMART.   2 mks
  2. You have clients in the bush and you have lost your way back. Luckily you have a map with you (see below) that shows the shaded area as the place you are at. The National Parks Office, however, intervenes to help and asks you to give the four-figure grid reference for the general location of the shaded area of the map. Convey the 4-figure grid reference you will send to the Office.    2 mks
4-figure grid reference question, Feb 22

GP.FEB.22.QU.6 You have been nominated to lead the delegation to CITES (COP) meeting to present on the Loxodonta Africana.  Critique the CITES position to uplift the species from Appendix II to Appendix I, citing consequences this move has for Zimbabwe.    5 mks

GP.FEB.22.QU.7    The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe Auction system has pegged the rate for the US$ at ZWL 120.00 for this week. The diesel price at a certain service station is US$1.20 per litre. Your client from Germany has ZWL12 000.00 in his VISA account, all earmarked for diesel. Advise your client on the maximum amount of fuel (in litres) he can buy with the money in his account before embarking on his journey to Harare to catch his flight.   3 mks

GP.FEB.22.QU.8    Identify the two common back-pack designs.   2 mks

GP.FEB.22.QU.9    The phonetic alphabet is a universally recognised radio communication aid. Provide  the words used to designate the following letters in radio communication.

  1. F
  2. Y
  3. Q             3 mks

GP.FEB.22.QU.10   You are on a guided walk with your clients and you see a very big, magnificent baobab tree. However the baobab appears to be closer than it actually is. Explain to your clients why it appears to be close when in fact it is some distance away.    5 mks

GP.FEB.22.QU.11  In which towns would you find the following famous accommodation facilities:

  1. Flamboyant Hotel
  2. Ambassador Hotel
  3. Pote Hill Hotel          3 mks

GP.FEB.22.QU.12   Beside Shona, English and Ndebele, identify the common official language you would use to communicate with people in the following Zimbabwean towns:

  1. Binga
  2. Chiredzi
  3. Hwange
  4. Beitbridge

GP.FEB.22.QU.13  Name the causative variant  that was associated with the fourth wave of the corona virus disease in late 2021.

GP.FEB.22.QU.14   Cde Emmerson Dambudza Mnangagwa is the President of the Second Republic of Zimbabwe. State the other three titles that are conferred on the President of Zimbabwe when addressing him.   3 mks

GP.FEB.22.QU.15  When is National Youth Day celebrated in Zimbabwe?

GP.FEB.22.QU.16   The 6th European Union-African Union Summit was held recently with the aim of strengthening and recalibrating the economic and strategic partnership between European and African countries. Name the country that hosted this summit.   2 mks

Habits and Habitats

HH.FEB.22.QU.1 Relate characteristics of the following “Small Five” to their “Big Five” counterparts in terms of identity:

  1. Ant lion   2 mks
  2. Leopard Tortoise  2 mks

HH.FEB.22.QU.2  Highlight the significance of the thick greyish mane on cheetah cubs.   2 mks


a. Examine how the environment determines the sex of animals of the Order Chelonia.    2 mks

b. Give a detailed description of how crocodiles mate under water.   3 mks

HH.FEB.22.QU.4     Correctly rearrange in order of occurrence the following physiological stages of the oestrus cycle in mammals.     4 mks

diestrus, oestrus,  anoestrus, proestrus


  1. Differentiate between “aestivation” and “hibernation” as used to describe the activities of different animals.    2 mks
  2. Justify the notion that “Primates are species which we share common ancestry with”.   3 mks


  1. Normally the weight and general dimensions of the animal’s body is a distinguishing characteristic between small and large spotted genets.   True/False  2 mks
  2. Small spotted genets have a characteristic, white-tipped tail. True/False   2 mks
  3. Large spotted genets have a characteristic, black-tipped tail. True/False   2 mks


  1. Clearly explain how giraffes groom themselves from the irritating ticks all over the body.   3 mks
  2. Critique the contention that at pride takeover the dominant male lion kills all the cubs so that it successfully inputs its genetics.   3 mks


a. Define the term “hemipenes” as used in herpetology.    2 mks

b. You are with clients on a snake captive breeding facility where various snakes are kept. Two snakes, male and female, of the same species and age are kept together for breeding purposes. Apply your knowledge of sexing snakes with reference to the tail.    4 mks

c. Classify the type of venom produced by the following snakes:

  • Dispholidus typus  2 mks
  • Berg adder               2 mks
  • Dendroaspis angusticeps     2 mks

HH.FEB.22.QU.9 Resource partitioning appears to be determined by the height and greenness of the grass. Evaluate this statement with reference to the zebra and wildebeest feeding ecology.   3 mks


  1. The brown snake eagle (Circaetus cinereus) is a large brown eagle identified by whiteish, unfeathered legs and large yellow eyes whereas the booted eagle is distinguished from all other raptors by its fully feathered legs, small-sized, with unbarred square tail.   True/False
  2. Animals have without claws (original text/typo – therefore confusing question) include cats, with the exception of the cheetah and the genets.  True/False    1 mk
  3. Identify the animal with the spoor pictured below.  1 mk
hippo spoor


LAW.FEB.22.QU.1  Define “Convention” according to statutory Instrument 76 of 1998. 3 mks

LAW.FEB.22.QU.2  State any two purposes of law in the professional hunting and guiding industry.  2 mks

LAW.FEB.22.QU.3 What are the underlying provisions of the Trapping of Animals Control Act, Chapter 20:21?    5 mks

LAW.FEB.22.QU.4    Define “forest produce” according to the Forest Act, Chapter 19:05.  

3 mks

LAW.FEB.22.QU.5    Which Statutory Instrument introduced the need for quotas in hunting?  

1 mk  

LAW.FEB.22.QU.6  State, giving two examples for each, the difference between a Botanical Garden and a Recreational Park.     6 mks

LAW.FEB.22.QU.7    Within what period should imported ivory be registered?   1 mk

LAW.FEB.22.QU.8  On the 16th December, 2010, Sam drove out of his home in a Peugeot pick-up with Mark sitting in the front with Sam and their wives and another woman in the tray of the pickup Sam had with him, to the knowledge of all the others, a .22 rifle, number 456. Along the main Bulawayo-Masvingo road, at Diyo shops, Sam stopped the vehicle, about 1630 hours. Mr. Chowe, who runs a safari business on a nearby ranch (adjacent to the road) had seen Sam’s vehicle in the area in the past several times. On three occasions gunshots had been heard when this vehicle was parked and it would speed off hence it was a suspicious vehicle in Chowe’s mind. Mr. Chowe therefore followed the vehicle to its stopping point, where they all got out. Mr Chowe asked Sam why he had stopped in that vicinity and was informed that Sam had stopped because his engine was boiling. Mr. Chowe checked the engine and it was not boiling. Sam admitted being in possession of a firearm and produced the .22 rifle from under the driver’s seat and handed it over to Chowe. The rifle had a live round in the chamber and 4 rounds in the magazine and the safety catch was off. Chowe asked for the destination of these people and was told they were going to the next resettlement area in Mashava. Chowe arrested Sam and drove him in his vehicle to Mashava Police Station. The occupants in Sam’s car all denied they were on that road to hunt and kill any animal. On trial Sam was found guilty of contravening Section 59(?2) [2] of the Parks and Wildlife Act, Chapter 20:14.

a. Comment on the verdict. 5 mks

b. Was there anything wrong with Sam to parking his vehicle on the main road near Mr. Chowe’s farm?  2 mks

LAW.FEB.22.QU.9 State conditions under which a minister may grant a permit to hunt roan in a National Park.    2 mks

LAW.FEB.22.QU.10   Define a “vessel” in terms of Statutory Instrument 362 of 1990.

2 mks

LAW.FEB.22.QU.11  State the animals in Part E of the amended section 53 of SI 362 of 1990.   2 mks

LAW.FEB.22.QU.12  No person shall acquire, have in possession, sell or transfer any raw ivory that has not been registered unless the raw ivory meets certain conditions. State the conditions.   4 mks

LAW.FEB.22.QU.13  Within what period should the holder of a Dealer’s Licence notify of a change of address?   2 mks

LAW.FEB.22.QU.14   What does the law say in relation to the destruction of dogs in a protected area?    2 mks

LAW.FEB.22.QU.15  Who issues an Import Permit when processing the exportation of trophies for clients who have hunted in Zimbabwe?      2 mks

LAW.FEB.22.QU.16    What are the documents required for a hunt to be authorised?     5 mks

LAW.FEB.22.QU.17     What is a NP CITES Form 10?    1 mk   

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