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Examination Papers, February 2023


FA.FEB.23 – QU. 1    Explain the following terms:

(a) Ogive                  1 mk

(b) Cannelure         1 mk

(c) Core                   1 mk

FA.FEB.23 – QU. 2    Differentiate the following:

(a) bead sight from aperture sight          2 mks

(b) bullet from a projectile                       2 mks

(c) centrefire from rimfire                        2mks

FA.FEB.23 – QU. 3     Convert the following calibres from inches to millimetres:

(a) .375 (1mk)

(b) .458 (1mk)

(c) .300 (1mk)

FA.FEB.23 – QU. 4 

(a) Define the term “flinching”.                         1 mk

(b) Outline any three ways to stop flinching.  3 mks

FA.FEB.23 – QU. 5     Outline any two disadvantages of bolt action.    2 mks

FA.FEB.23 – QU. 6     Explain the functions of the following components of the cleaning kit:

(a) Nitro solvent     1 mk

(b) London oil         1 mk

(c) Gun oil                1 mk

FA.FEB.23 – QU. 7    Apart from bullet construction, shape and length what other main factor affects the behaviour of a bullet upon impact. 1 mk

FA.FEB.23 – QU. 8    A bullet does not follow a straight line. It starts decelerating and falls towards the earth through its trajectory. Explain the following abbreviations.

(a) LOS                2mks

(b) LOD               2 mks

(c) CP                  2 mks

FA.FEB.23 – QU. 9   Besides the external factors such as dust and water which affect the firearm performance there are some other internal factors. Outline any two factors that may affect good performance of a firearm.      2 mks

FA.FEB.23 – QU. 10      State the advantages and disadvantages of an expanding bullet.      4 mks

FA.FEB.23 – QU. 11    The study of natural laws governing performance of projectiles falls into three sub-divisions. Name these sub-divisions.     3 mks

FA.FEB.23 – QU. 12   Give three examples that would be signs of insufficient headspace.      3 mks

FA.FEB.23 – QU. 13   In the case of a Firearm Certificate being revoked by the Controller, within what period of the date of notice should the holder surrender the certificate?      1 mk

FA.FEB.23 – QU. 14     A Firearms Certificate requires name and surname, national registration number, residential address, type of firearm and calibre. Outline any other three pieces of information required on a Firearms Certificate?     3 mks

FA.FEB.23 – QU. 15   What are the two components that constitute riflings?  2 mks

FA.FEB.23 – QU. 16    Outline the four points relationship when aiming.  4 mks


GP.FEB.23 – QU. 1    Define the following acronyms used in the Conservation industry.

a. CMS          1 mk

b. GEF           1 mk

c. LEAP         1 mk

d. SDGs        1 mk

e. IFAW        1 mk

In your answer, specify the hectarage constituted by each category.    5 mks

GP.FEB.23 – QU. 2    Summarise categories of protected areas under the Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority

GP.FEB.23 – QU. 3     Geographically, ZIMPARKS is managed under eight management regions. Besides Matopo, Harare and Central regions, list the other five of these regions. 5    mks

GP.FEB.23 – QU. 4      Outline any four products or services offered by ZIMPARKS    4 mks

GP.FEB.23 – QU. 5     State any four types of camping tent.     4 mks

GP.FEB.23 – QU. 6      Outline the major components found in a survival kit.       6 mks

GP.FEB.23 – QU. 7      How do you indicate the following phonetic alphabetic letters and numbers used in radio communication?                                      5 mks

a. L

b. Q

c.  Y

d. 4

e. 9

GP.FEB.23 – QU. 8     Name the Zimbabwean highways linking:         3 mks

a. Harare and Chirundu

b. Harare and Mutare

c. Harare Nyamapanda

GP.FEB.23 – QU. 9     

a. Which country hosted the 2022 United Nations Climate Change Conference

(COP 27)?                        1 mk

b. What was the theme of the conference?        2 mks

GP.FEB.23 – QU. 10   

 a. Name of a parasitic disease nicknamed sleeping sickness.    2 mks

b. List any four methods of preventing this disease.      4 mks

GP.FEB.23 – QU. 11    Which of the following areas are non-hunting areas?         1 mk

a. Matetsi

b. Malindi

c. Sikumi and Ngamo teak forest

d. None of the above

GP.FEB.23 – QU. 12     What term is used to describe all nature-based forms of tourism in which the main motivation of the tourists is the observation and appreciation of nature as well as traditional cultures prevailing in natural areas?    1 mk

GP.FEB.23 – QU. 13    Besides Africa, state any other continents were painted dogs are found in the wild.     1 mk

GP.FEB.23 – QU. 14    State the name of the most trafficked animal in the world. 1 mk


HH.FEB.23 – QU. 1    A buffalo weaver is one of the “Small Five“ animals. Explain the two characteristics of its Big Five relative, the buffalo, that it mimics.       2 mks

HH.FEB.23 – QU. 2   A meerkat is unmistakably recognisable in its “sentinel” posture. True/False        2 mks

HH.FEB.23 – QU. 3 

a) Mating in lions is a very intense affair. A pair will mate every 20 minutes for four days and nights with each bout lasting one minute. Explain this reproductive behaviour.     3 mks

b) Although female lions often elicit mating by presenting their rumps to a male, by the end of a bout, she appears irritable, turning to swat the male with her paws as he extracts. Suggest possible reasons for this female response. 2 mks

HH.FEB.23 – QU. 4       Identify the following animals.

a) Similar in size to a German Shepherd dog, it has large, rounded ears, long legs and a bushy white tipped tail. Muzzle is black. Forehead on either side of the black line is pale fawn to white.  2 mks

b) It has a long pig-like snout, elongated tubular ears, and heavily muscled kangaroo-like tail. Back is distinctly arched.      2 mks

HH.FEB.23 – QU. 5 

Tick the appropriate characteristic in the table below to differentiate between the Samango and Vervet monkeys.     4 mks

 Species Characteristic
SpeciesArboreal statusWeight
Samango monkeyPrincipally arboreal/arborealHeavier/lighter
Vervet monkeyPrincipally arboreal/arborealHeavier/lighter  

HH.FEB.23 – QU. 6     In spotted hyena, female genitals mimic those of males with females having a fat-filled pseudo-scrotum and erectile clitoris. Analyse the physiology behind successful mating of male and female hyena.    3 mks

HH.FEB.23 – QU. 7   a) Identify whether the following snakes are oviparous, ovoviviparous or viviparous:

a. Puff adder

b. Mozambican spitting cobra

c. Vipers

b) A berg adder bite will induce local responses like pain. painful swelling and even necrosis. Define the term “necrosis” as a condition induced by the bite of a venomous snake.      2 mks

HH.FEB.23 – QU. 8 

Using the SCI method describe how you would measure the trophy size of the greater kudu for your client   4 mks

HH.FEB.23 – QU. 9   State the dominant tree species commonly found in:

a. Miombo woodland of the central watershed of the country;      3 mks

b. The riverine area of the lower Zambezi.      2 mks

HH.FEB.23 – QU. 10     Critique the general myth that tuskless elephants evolved in response to adaptation to increased elephant poaching levels for tusks.   4 mks

HH.FEB.23 – QU. 11    

a) Suggest a reason why hippos must submerge themselves in water even when resting     2 mks

b) State the age for first conception of the following animals:

– Hippo                  1 mk

– Elephant             1 mk

– Zebra                   1 mk

– Leopard               1 mk

HH.FEB.23 – QU. 12    Climate variability and change has resulted in alterations of the sizes of Natural Regions of Zimbabwe and consequently has affected the vegetation types. Identify the three Natural Regions of Zimbabwe that have increased their size due to climate change.     3 mks

HH.FEB.23 – QU. 13     Detail the possible reasons why a cheetah is so vulnerable when it comes to protecting its kill.      3 mks


LAW.FEB.23 – QU. 1     Define following terms according to the Parks and Wildlife Act Chapter 20:14

i) “purchase” 1 mk

ii) “safari area” 1 mk

iii) “plant” 1 mk

iv) “park area” 1 mk

v) “local authority” 1 mk

LAW.FEB.23 – QU. 2   Differentiate between a Safari Area and a Recreational Park and give one example of each.         6 mks

LAW.FEB.23 – QU. 3      Outline the purpose of the Trapping of Animals Control Act, Chapter 20:21.       6 mks

LAW.FEB.23 – QU. 4      Which Statutory Instrument deleted the buffalo from Part A of S.I. 362 of 1990 and moved it to Part E where a buffalo can be hunted with bow and arrow.    1 mk

LAW.FEB.23 – QU. 5      State any three prohibited hunting methods according to S.I. 362 OF 1990.     3 mks

LAW.FEB.23 – QU. 6     State the conditions under which the Minister may grant a permit to any person to hunt a leopard in a National Park.      2 mks

LAW.FEB.23 – QU. 7

The Appropriate Authority of Omay Communal Land had issued a hunting permit to Professional Hunter Fanuel and his Spanish client, to kill an elephant in the Communal Land.  They were in a small boat on Lake Kariba when they saw a lone bull elephant standing near the water’s edge along the Ume River, which is part Lake Kariba Recreational Park. They drew to the riverbank, clambered ashore and approached to within eleven metres of the elephant and killed it with their hunting rifles as it gazed peacefully by the river.

Omay Communal Land shares a boundary with Lake Kariba Recreational Park and Lake Kariba is part of Lake Kariba Recreational Park. The Omay Communal Land bounds Lake Kariba as defined in the Fifth Schedule of the Parks and Wildlife Act.

Additional information:

In terms of 274 of 1999, the appropriate Minister had fixed the full supply level of Lake Kariba above mean sea level as 484.64 metres and 483.95 at national datum. The elephant was shot on dry land at 484.58 metres above mean sea level.

The hunters were arrested for unlawfully hunting an elephant in contravening Section 24 (1) b of the Parks and Wildlife Act, Chapter 20:14.   Was the arrest lawful?  Comment on your answer.       5 mks

LAW.FEB.23 – QU. 8     List the six categories of land that constitute the Parks and Wildlife estate.      3 mks

LAW.FEB.23 – QU. 9   Question omitted on the paper

LAW.FEB.23 – QU. 10    Who issues a permit authorizing someone to enter in a refuge area?        2 mks

LAW.FEB.23 – QU. 11     John shot and wounded an impala with permission on Mr Mawere’s farm. The impala crossed to the next property, Chegwite Farm, owned by Mr Bhiza. John entered Chegwite Farm with the purpose of retrieving the impala. The wounded impala, upon seeing John and his hunting party, started running. John continued following the animal and was caught by Mr Bhiza. John was arrested.

a) Was anything wrong with the arrest?     2 mks

b) Explain your answer.    4 mks

LAW.FEB.23 – QU. 12     Name four Specially Protected Plants under the Parks and Wildlife Act Chapter 20:14.      4 mks

LAW.FEB.23 – QU. 13     The Borrassus palm is a Specially Protected Plant according to the Parks and Wildlife Act, Chapter 20:14       True/false      2 mks

LAW.FEB.23 – QU. 14     What does the law say in relation to possession of a dangerous animal or a primate on any urban land?       3 mks

LAW.FEB.23 – QU. 15     What does the law say in relation to mercy killing of animals?       2 mks

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