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Examination Papers, February, 2024


FA.FEB.24 – QU. 1       Differentiate a shotgun from rifles.   4 mks

FA.FEB.24 – QU. 2      Outline the four (4) points relationship used when aiming at a target.  

4 mks

FA.FEB.24 – QU. 3      Define the following terms:

  1. Crimp
  2. Misfire
  3. Riflings
  4. Muzzle velocity
  5. Cartridge case                                                       10 mks

FA.FEB.24 – QU. 4      Explain how you would deal with a misfire at shooting practice.   2 mks

FA.FEB.24 – QU. 5      Name the aiming device in a telescopic sight.    1 mk

FA.FEB.24 – QU. 6     In the case of a Firearm Certificate being revoked by the Controller of Firearms, within what period of the date of notice should the holder surrender the certificate?     1 mk

FA.FEB.24 – QU. 7 From what age can one do the following:

(a) Inherit a firearm.

(b) Purchase a firearm.                2 mks

FA.FEB.24 – QU. 8 Define a Firearms dealer according to the Firearms Act (Chapter 10:09).      1 mk

FA.FEB.24 – QU. 9 Outline three types of magazines.        3 mks

FA.FEB.24 – QU. 10 Write the following abbreviations in full as used in ballistics:

(a) FMJ

(b) LOS         

(c) MOA.

(d) Gr.                      4 mks

FA.FEB.24 – QU. 11

(a) Give the two components that constitutes riflings.

(b) Briefly describe these two components.

(c) Explain two purposes of riflings in the barrel of a rifle.    6 mks

FA.FEB.24 – QU. 12 State the advantages and disadvantages of an expanding bullet.   4 mks

FA.FEB.24 – QU. 13    Differentiate between the following:

(a) Bullet from a projectile.

(b) Hangfire from misfire.   4 mks

FA.FEB.24 – QU. 14 Briefly explain how a shot is fired.    4 mks


GP.FEB.24 – QU. 1    Give the following Zimbabwean cities or locations their colonial names.

a. Matopos

b. Kwekwe     2 mks

GP.FEB.24 – QU. 2      Which is the administrative capital for the following Provinces in Zimbabwe?

a. Matabeleland North

b. Matabeleland South    4 mks

GP.FEB.24 – QU. 3     In which province and district do you find the following tourist attractions.

a. Khami Ruins

b. Victoria Falls       4 mks

GP.FEB.24 – QU. 4    Name the remaining four National parks found in Zimbabwe apart from Gonarezhou, Hwange, Mana Pools, Matusadonha, Zambezi and Nyanga.  4 mks

GP.FEB.24 – QU. 5    What is the name of the convention that regulates and monitors the International Trade of animal and plant species to ensure their survival and prevent unsustainable exploitation. 1 mk

GP.FEB.24 – QU. 6    State the two primary endeavours carried out at Great Zimbabwe during the 14th century.    2 mks

GP.FEB.24 – QU. 7   Which of the following statements are true about Transfrontier Conservation Areas (TFCAs)?   (State whether True/False).   3 mks

A) Transfrontier Conservation Areas (TFCAS) play a crucial role in promoting conservation and sustainable development within national borders.

B) A Transfrontier Conservation Area (TFC A) is a large-scale conservation initiative that spans national borders. typically involving multiple countries.

C) TFCAs are established to promote the conservation and sustainable management of natural resources. biodiversity, and ecosystems in non-transboundary regions

D) TFCAs aim to overcome the limitations imposed by national boundaries and create larger interconnected landscapes that allow for the free movement of wildlife, facilitate habitat connectivity, and promote ecological processes.

E) TFC As are designed to protect and conserve ecosystems, including protected areas, wildlife corridors, and other critical habitats, which may extend across multiple rivers.

GP.FEB.24 – QU. 8   Name the protected areas that are part of the Great Limpopo Transfrontier Conservation Area.    3 mks

GP.FEB.24 – QU. 9   Describe how you can substitute unnecessary plastic on your hunting or tour-guiding excursion.    2 mks

GP.FEB.24 – QU. 10    Briefly explain the roles of: –

a. Inbound tour operator

b. Domestic tour operator   4 mks

GP.FEB.24 – QU. 11  Name four precautionary steps used to protect clients from contracting cholera when on a hunting or guiding tour.  4 mks

GP.FEB.24 – QU. 12   Name any six types of traditional dances that the-local people at tourist destinations perform for tourists. 3 mks

GP.FEB.24 – QU. 13    What term is given to a person with fear of:

a. Snakes

b. Aversion to foreign people, cultures, or things

c. Fear of insects     3 mks

GP.FEB.24 – QU. 14    You are with your clients on a hunting or guiding tour. in areas where ticks are commonly found. Outline any four (4) tips that help prevent tick bites to your clients.  4 mks

GP.FEB.24 – QU. 15  What are Zimbabwe emergency numbers for the following:

a. Fire Department

b. Ambulance Services

c. Police Services     3 mks

GP.FEB.24 – QU. 16

Give a brief explanation of the three visa categories available in Zimbabwe. 6 mks


HH.FEB.24 – QU. 1

Identify which rhino species has the spoors above. 2 mks

HH.FEB.24 – QU. 2   Explain the terms altricial and precocial as they apply to buffaloes and lions.    4 mks

HH.FEB.24 – QU. 3   Explain why buffalo is regarded as ‘black death’ in the hunting field.    2 mks

HH.FEB.24 – QU. 4     Elephants are majestic animals to watch but you have to maintain a safe distance to avoid  fatal attacks. If you breach that ‘safe distance’ the elephant mostly warns you with a mock  charge. How would you describe the mock charge of elephants. 3 mks

HH.FEB.24 – QU. 5    Explain any three (3) differences in social behaviour of a black rhinoceros and a white rhinocerous. 3 mks

HH.FEB.24 – QU. 6

a) Describe how spotted hyena conduct ‘greeting ceremonies’. [3 Marks]

b) What is the purpose of this behaviour you described in HH.FEB.24 – QU. 6(a) above? 2 mks

HH.FEB.24 – QU. 7    You are moving with a client on a hot day in a mopane woodland. There is a highly pitched noise made by a group of insects which fly away in large numbers as you approach. The client asks you the name of the insects and why they make such noise? What would your answer be?   3 mks

HH.FEB.24 – QU. 15    A lion can run down its prey for less than 300m at full speed and stop whereas a hyena can chase its prey for several kilometres. Give the physiological explanation to this behaviour.    2 mks

HH.FEB.24 – QU. 16    You are looking for a buffalo for your client to shoot. There is thick grass and you cannot see the buffalo but you can see two bird species that immediately informs you that the buffalo is there. What could be the identity of these two species of birds? 2 mks

HH.FEB.24 – QU. 17   While escorting a trophy hunt in Matetsi Safari Area, Mr. Tanaka is bitten by a snake on the leg.  Instantly he felt pain and slight swelling on the bitten leg as well as dizziness. While being rushed to the nearest health center he developed breathing difficulties and died on the way. What venom caused these symptoms and what could be the most likely snake that bit him? 2 mks

HH.FEB.24 – QU. 18   Describe the sexual cycle of a female mammal. 4 mks

HH.FEB.24 – QU. 19 What is kleptoparasitism?     1 mk


LAW.FEB.24 – QU. 1   State any 3 purposes of law. 3 mks

LAW.FEB.24 – QU. 2  Define the following according to the Parks and Wildlife Act (Chapter 20:14)

a) Horn

b) Night

c) Alienated land

d) Jig 

e) Animal 5 mks

LAW.FEB.24 – QU. 3

Giving two examples of each, explain the differences between a National Park and a Recreational Park. 6 mks

LAW.FEB.24 – QU. 4    State any two protected bird species, two specially protected animals, and two problems animals according to the Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Act (Chapter 20:14) of 2001. 6 mks

LAW.FEB.24 – QU. 5

a. Who may allocate the use of pool areas to right holders? 2 mks

b. State any 3 prohibited hunting methods as outlined in SI 362 of 1990. 3 mks

c. Comment on any 3 prohibitions to preserve the Parks and Wildlife Estate. 3 mks

LAW.FEB.24 – QU. 6   What is the common name of this specially protected species (Lycaon pictus). 1 mk

LAW.FEB.24 – QU. 7    State any three safari areas found in Matabeleland North and South provinces of Zimbabwe.   3 mks

LAW.FEB.24 – QU. 8 Briefly explain the three privileges of a holder of a learner professional hunters’ licence.   6 mks

LAW.FEB.24 – QU. 9 List any 3 animals listed in part D of SI 362 of 1990. 3 mks

LAW.FEB.24 – QU. 10 What does the law say for anyone who wishes to hunt an animal in part C of the Third Schedule, SI 362 of 1990    2 mks

LAW.FEB.24 – QU. 11

Scenario: Thomas under the guidance of a Professional Hunter, Charles, were given a permit to hunt a leopard in Chete Safari Area. They travelled to Chete using a boat from Kariba town. In Chete they searched for the leopard for 7 days. The hunt had been allocated 10 days on the permit and days were now about to end without them having found anything. They got information that there are leopards that are usually seen around l900hrs near Chete spring. They went and baited the leopard during that time and managed to shot the leopard. However the Officer in Charge of Chete Safari Area arrested the trio on allegations that they had broken some hunting laws.

Question: What could have led to the arrest of Charles and his hunting party? 3 mks

LAW.FEB.24 – QU. 12  Comment on the powers of the President in relation to National Parks according to the Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Act (Chapter 20: 14) of 2001. 3 mks

LAW.FEB.24 – QU. 13    Which Statutory Instrument created Part E, where the buffalo can be hunted using a bow and an arrow? 1 mk

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