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Examination Papers, June 2021

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FA.JUNE.21 – QU.1 Give 3 examples of insufficient headspace. 3 mks 

FA.JUNE.21 – QU.2 In the case of a Firearms Certificate being revoked by the Controller of firearms, within what period of the date of notice should the holder surrender the certificate?   1 mk

FA.JUNE.21 – QU.3   In order to obtain a Firearms Certificate for a weapon purchased from a Firearms Dealer to be used in your line of work as a Learner Professional Hunter, what documents need to be submitted to the controller of Firearms? 5 mks

FA.JUNE.21 – QU.4 From what age can one:

  1. Inherit a firearm? 1 mk
  2. Purchase a firearm? 1 mk

FA.JUNE.21 – QU.5    Define fouling as used in ballistics.     2 mks

FA.JUNE.21 – QU.6     Who is a Firearms Dealer according to the Firearms Act, 10:09?      3 mks

FA.JUNE.21 – QU.7      Give one advantage of telescopic sight over open sight.  1 mk

FA.JUNE.21 – QU.8      The study of natural laws governing performance of projectiles can be done in three different subdivisions. Which are these sub-divisions?   3 mks

FA.JUNE.21 – QU.9      Write the following abbreviations in full as used in ballistics.

  • FMJ
  • LOS
  • MOA
  • Gr

FA.JUNE.21 – QU.10      What is a Temporary Import Permit in firearms? 1 mk

FA.JUNE.21 – QU.11     You are hunting with a female client and she wants to shoot a buffalo. A .375 H&H is heavy for her and she is afraid of the heavy recoil. She asks if she can use a .300 magnum. Will you allow her to shoot the buffalo with a .300 magnum since it is the last day of the hunt?

FA.JUNE.21 – QU.12     A client preparing to come for a hunt wants some advice on any paperwork needed for travelling with his firearm to Zimbabwe. Advise this client.   2 mks

FA.JUNE.21 – QU.13   You are conducting a hunt with a group of clients and one of the clients wants to use a handgun for plains game hunting? Is this permitted? Explain.   2 mks

FA.JUNE.21 – QU.14   Name three types of magazine.   3 mks

FA.JUNE.21 – QU.15      What is the name given to a shotgun with an internal barrel that is smooth and not rifled and that propels 12 equal barrel (sic) balls of lead equal to one pound? 2 mks

FA.JUNE.21 – QU.16      Define the term “battery”.   3 mks

FA.JUNE.21 – QU.17      State the advantages and disadvantages of an expanding bullet.  2 mks

FA.JUNE.21 – QU.18      In exterior ballistics which conditions affect the performance of the bullet?   2 mks

FA.JUNE.21 – QU.19   Place the following animals into their appropriate Third Schedule Class (A,B,C,D) – Crocodile, Eland, Buffalo, Bushpig, Sable.

General Paper

GP.JUNE.21 – QU.1   Write the following acronyms in full as used in the conservation industry:

  2. ZTOA
  3. CITES
  4. IPZ                                        4 mks

GP.JUNE.21 – QU.2      In which tourist destination, city or town do you find the following hotels or lodges?

  1. Monomotapa
  2. Bronte Garden
  3. Elephant Hills
  4. Pamushana                    4 mks

GP.JUNE.21 – QU.3   State the name of the current Miss Tourism Zimbabwe.  2 mks

GP.JUNE.21 – QU.4  

  1. Define a taboo.   2 mks
  2. State any Karanga taboo that tries to protect water bodies’ environment.  2 mks

GP.JUNE.21 – QU.5     Why should one avoid guinea fowls when tracking animals?  2 mks

GP.JUNE.21 – QU.6      What is the scientific name of the animal that appears on the Zimbabwe Parks & Wildlife Management Authority’s emblem?   2 mks

GP.JUNE.21 – QU.7      You arrive at a scene where an elephant has overturned a vehicle. In terms of your First Aid training what is your first consideration?  1 mk

GP.JUNE.21 – QU.8      State any three advantages of using an external frame backpack   3 mks

GP.JUNE.21 – QU.9       No matter how clean water looks in rivers or wells there could be microscopic organisms which may cause diseases to your clients. List any three pathogens which may be found in such water.  3 mks

GP.JUNE.21 – QU.10      In radio communication what do the following phonetic alphabetic letters and numbers stand for:

  1. Q
  2. U
  3. X
  4. 4
  5. 8
  6. 9

GP.JUNE.21 – QU.11   Which bird species is known as the icon of Africa?   1 mk

GP.JUNE.21 – QU.12        Besides Kalanga, English, Nambya, Ndau, Ndebele, Shangaan, Shona, Tonga, Tswana and Venda list any other four official languages of Zimbabwe.    4 mks

GP.JUNE.21 – QU.13     State any 6 symbols found on the Zimbabwean coat of arms.   3 mks

GP.JUNE.21 – QU.14    Give the name of the 2 types of Covid 19 vaccine donated to Zimbabwe by China.   1 mk

GP.JUNE.21 – QU.15   Buffalo Range airport is located close to which town in Zimbabwe?   1 mk

GP.JUNE.21 – QU.16        An eco-tourist decides to use public transport to travel from Harare to Mutare, to Masvingo, to Gweru and back to Harare. Name the major terminuses he will use for his travel.  4 mks

GP.JUNE.21 – QU.17       You are hosting 10 clients from Mexico, 2 from Chad, 4 from Morocco and 14 Zimbabweans, and you want to tour Rhodes grave found in Matopos National Park. The number of children from each group is half that of the adults. Explain the payment(s) to be undertaken at Matopos National Park to view Rhodes’ grave. How much are your clients supposed to pay per country if entry fees into Matopos National Park is:

US$3 Local adults

US$10 Regional adults

US$20 International adults

US$ 15 Minibus

Habits & Habitats

HH.JUNE.21 – QU.1 Determine which snakes are oviparous, ovoviviparous and viviparous amongst the list below:

  1. Puff adder
  2. Green mamba
  3. Gaboon adder
  4. Twig snake                               4 mks

HH.JUNE.21 – QU.2

Gemsbok are ungulates that are well adapted to life in deserts. Explain how the gemsbok is well adapted to extreme heat and desert conditions to survive.    4 mks

HH.JUNE.21 – QU.3   Suggest a good reason why giraffe cows sometimes do synchronized calving in dedicated “calving areas”.  2 mks

HH.JUNE.21 – QU.4   Vultures are “smart” birds of prey. Justify this statement with reference to the significance of its bald head and neck.     2 mks

HH.JUNE.21 – QU.5   Cheetahs can be described as generally social in nature. Identify any three social groups that can be found in cheetah to justify this notion.   3 mks

HH.JUNE.21 – QU.6    Critique the notion that most lion-human conflicts are as a result of the dominant males and females of natal prides in the wild.   3 mks

HH.JUNE.21 – QU.7   Higher temperatures and herbivory can be cited as the two main factors that modify most habitats. Relating to these two factors explain in detail how acacia vegetation has adapted to overcome these effects to resist vegetation modification thereof.   4 mks

HH.JUNE.21 – QU.8   You are having a guided walk with your clients and you come across animal droppings that are kidney-shaped and each pellet has a distinct crack across the center. When fresh they are light to brown in colour but usually dry to almost black. Identify any two wild animals that can be associated with these droppings.  2 mks

HH.JUNE.21 – QU.9      Select any three animals from the list below that exhibit haematophagious feeding behaviour:

Impala, leopard, aardvark, kudu, lion, buffalo, hyena, aardwolf.  3 mks

HH.JUNE.21 – QU. 10      You are on a guided walk with your clients and you can observe a black rhino browsing but completely covered with dense thicket such that you can only see the back view partially with the proximal tail covering the genitalia. Explain to your client how you would sex the rhino adequately given that you cannot see the genitalia at all.      3 mks

HH.JUNE.21 – QU.11     The wild dog is the only local canid to have developed a pack system that is necessary for continued survival. Clearly unpack how wild dogs successfully avoid inbreeding.   3 mks

HH.JUNE.21 – QU.12    Your client asks you why the droppings of hyenas are white.  How would you respond?     2 mks

HH.JUNE.21 – QU.13      Critically analyse courtship behaviour in both male and female sable.     4 mks

HH.JUNE.21 – QU.14     Although the crocodile and alligator belong to the same class of Reptilia they are different in many ways. Distinguish between the two in terms of the physical appearance of the snout and jawline.   4 mks

HH.JUNE.21 – QU.15      Amphibians are known to “live a double life”. Justify the statement.  2 mks

HH.JUNE.21 – QU.16  Explain the following terms:

  1. Ectothermy
  2. Musths
  3. Anoestrus                          3 mks

HH.JUNE.21 – QU.17   Suggest a good reason why cobras are described as “accurate spitters”.  2 mks


LAW.JUNE.21 – QU.1     Which licence is required for one to carry out the business of selling live wild life in Zimbabwe?    2 mks

LAW.JUNE.21 – QU.2      Define the following in terms of Zimbabwean tourism laws.

  1. Farmhouse
  2. Guesthouse
  3. Hostel
  4. Domesticated animal
  5. Boarding house         10 mks

LAW.JUNE.21 – QU.3      Which of the following is/are not designated tourist facilities in terms of the law?:

Lodge on a private farm; motel; houseboat; boarding house; farmhouse.    3 mks

LAW.JUNE.21 – QU.4 Within what period of time should the holder of a hunting permit record relevant information on animals hunted during the hunt?   3 mks

LAW.JUNE.21 – QU.5    Tapiwa was arrested for fishing using a hand line which had three single hooks attached to it. Were the arresting officers correct in their interpretation of the law?    3 mks

LAW.JUNE.21 – QU.6      The Latin phrase “mutatis mutandis” is used frequently in the Parks & Wildlife Act, Chp 20:14. What does it mean?   2 mks

LAW.JUNE.21 – QU.7     A tourist in Mana Pools National Park collected a few rocks along the road which she had admired. She wanted to ask Zimparks officers back at the station a few questions about the rocks. Was there anything wrong with this?          3 mks

LAW.JUNE.21 – QU.8       Is it lawful to hunt a. bushpig and b. impala using a weapon having a rifled barrel and propelling a projectile of not less than 5,6mm in diameter with not less than 850joules of energy at the muzzle?   4 mks

LAW.JUNE.21 – QU.9      Give examples from the Parks & Wildlife Act, Chp 20:14 which demands reverse burden of proof in the event of an arrest.   6 mks

LAW.JUNE.21 – QU. 10   Are the following species Specially Protected Animals according to the Parks & Wildlife Act?:

  1. Proteles cristatus      b. Erinaceus frontalis

LAW.JUNE.21 – QU.11       The legal functions of Botanic Reserves and Botanic Gardens are provided for in the Parks & Wildlife Act, Chp. 20:14.  Highlight the major differences as you would explain them to a client.     4 mks

LAW.JUNE.21 – QU.12   State any Statutory Instruments that deal with:

  1. Designation of Tourist Facilities in Zimbabwe
  2. Quota setting or limitations in Zimbabwe     4 mks

LAW.JUNE.21 – QU.13    Which Statutory Instrument domesticates or is used for the implementation of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES)?      2 mks

LAW.JUNE.21 – QU.14   Professional Hunter Simon submitted to Parks & Wildlife Authority offices records of animals he had hunted 15 days after the expiry of his hunting permit. Was anything wrong in terms of time?   2 mks

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