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Examination Papers, September 2023


FA.SEPT.23 – Qu. 1     In the case of a Firearm Certificate being revoked by the Controller, within what period of the date of notice should the holder surrender the certificate?  1 mk

FA.SEPT.23 – Qu. 2     From what age can one:

  1. Inherit a firearm 1 mk

2. Purchase a firearm?  1 mk

FA.SEPT.23 – Qu. 3    Give one advantage of a telescopic sight over an open sight. 1 mk

FA.SEPT.23 – Qu. 4    The study of natural laws governing performance of projectiles falls into three sub-divisions.  Outline these sub-divisions. 3 mks

FA.SEPT.23 – Qu. 5    Name any three types of magazines. 3 mks

FA.SEPT.23 – Qu. 6    State any two advantages and two disadvantages of an expanding bullet.

4 mks

FA.SEPT.23 – Qu. 7    In exterior ballistics outline the conditions that affects the performance of the bullet. 2 mks

FA.SEPT.23 – Qu. 8  

  1. Name the two components that constitute rifling.  2 mks
  2. Briefly explain these two components. 2 mks

FA.SEPT.23 – Qu. 9    In firearms terminology define the following terms:

  1. Mushroom
  2. Calibre
  3. Cartridge
  4. Drift
  5. Primer                                          5 mks

FA.SEPT.23 – Qu. 10    Give three circumstances which may cause one not to be granted a firearm’s licence.                     3 mks

FA.SEPT.23 – Qu. 11   Outline the purpose of the Firearms Act (Chapter 10:09) (of which year?)

2 mks

FA.SEPT.23 – Qu. 12    Explore two purposes of rifling in the barrel of a rifle.    2 mks

FA.SEPT.23 – Qu. 13    Outline the three golden rules that one must be conversant with in the use of firearms.                                      3 mks

FA.SEPT.23 – Qu. 14    Define the following terms in relation to firearms:

  1. Loading
  2. Ready
  3. Unloading                                     3 mks

FA.SEPT.23 – Qu. 15    Within what period should the loss of a firearm be reported to the police?     1 mk

FA.SEPT.23 – Qu. 16    Differentiate a shotgun from a rifle.                        4 mks

FA.SEPT.23 – Qu. 17     Name the two basic types of bullet.                       2 mks

FA.SEPT.23 – Qu. 18      Outline any five rules for the safe handling of firearms.                         5 mks


GP.SEPT.23 – Qu. 1   

a. List the five World Heritage Sites found in Zimbabwe.    2.5 mks

b. State the year of inscription of each of these heritage sites.    2.5 mks

GP.SEPT.23 – Qu. 2   Characterize a good survival kit.   4 mks

GP.SEPT.23 – Qu. 3    In which districts are the following tourism destinations or attractions located?

  1. Victoria Falls
  2. Matetsi Safari Area
  3. Chinhoyi Caves                                                       4 mks

GP.SEPT.23 – Qu. 4    Briefly explain methods of protecting clients from the following:

  1. Poisonous plants       2 mks
  2. Nuisance animals       2 mks

GP.SEPT.23 – Qu. 5   

  1. Explain the difference between hyperthermia and heat stroke.   2 mks
  2. Identify the signs and symptoms of hypothermia.    3 mks
  3. Explain the basic first aid procedures for treating a victim suffering from hypothermia.   3 mks

GP.SEPT.23 – Qu. 6   What is the name of the bird on the Zimbabwean flag?   1 mk

GP.SEPT.23 – Qu. 7    Explain what a totem is in the Zimbabwean context and how it relates to wildlife conservation.       2 mks

GP.SEPT.23 – Qu. 8   Highlight the main stages undertaken when setting a hunting quota.

GP.SEPT.23 – Qu. 9    Briefly explain the three main uses of a Learner Professional Hunters’ license.

GP.SEPT.23 – Qu. 10    Explain the difference between a tourist destination and a tourist attraction.

GP.SEPT.23 – Qu. 11     Highlight any four roles of Tour Operators in the conservation and tourism industry.  4 mks

GP.SEPT.23 – Qu. 12   You have international clients travelling from Kruger National Park (South Africa) to visit Victoria falls. They request you to help them with the preparation of budget for accommodation, fuel and entry fees for their trip from Beitbridge to Victoria falls via Bulawayo and Hwange National Park’s Main camp. The clients will take two nights at Main Camp and will occupy two lodges. The group is composed of 4 adults (two of which are disabled) and 2 children.

The distance between Beitbridge and Bulawayo is 323km, Bulawayo and Hwange National Park Main Camp is 290 km and Hwange Main Camp and Victoria Falls is 149 km:

  1. Calculate the total amount of fuel required to travel from Beitbridge to Victoria Falls (NB average consumption rate of each vehicle is l litre per 12 kilometres) 2 mks
  2. Calculate the total amount of money required to purchase fuel for the trip if the fuel costs 1.76 USD per litre.  1 mk
  3. Calculate the total amount of money required to pay for your clients’ entry fees and accommodation.    3 mks


HH.SEPT.23 – Qu. 1   The Elephant shrew is listed as one of the Small Five in Africa. Describe its similarities to its relative in the Big Five, the African Elephant.           1 mk

HH.SEPT.23 – Qu. 2    Compare and contrast the hunting behaviour of cheetah and leopard.      4 mks

HH.SEPT.23 – Qu. 3

a) Relate the pride size of lions to prey abundance.    2 mks

b) Explain this relationship.     2 mks

HH.SEPT.23 – Qu. 4 

  1. A green mamba may be so named because of the green colour of its skin. How would you respond if your client asks why the black mamba is called “black” when its skin colour is not anywhere near black in colour?  2 mks
  2. From the list of snakes below, identify the back-fanged snakes:

rinkhals, rock python, common brown water snake, bird snake, East African egg eater, boomslang, black spitting cobra, cape file snake, short-snouted grass snake       3 mks

HH.SEPT.23 – Qu. 5

a) Name the types of amphibian that belong to the order Caudata.      3 mks

b) Frogs belong to which order and family?    2 mks

HH.SEPT.23 – Qu. 6   You and your clients observe the following hyena latrines and droppings.

(a) Latrines located next to roads and droppings are close together and nearly always in a slight depression.

(b) Latrines in the centre or on the edges of a clan’s territory and droppings are fairly widely dispersed.

Identify the species of hyena that is associated with (a) and (b) above.  2 mks

HH.SEPT.23 – Qu. 7    Explain the following anti-predator mechanisms, giving one example each of an animal using the mechanism.

  1. Thanatosis
  2. Autotomy      4 mks

HH.SEPT.23 – Qu. 8  

a) Klipspringers are predominantly browsers and will select a wide variety of plants on which to feed. True/False   1 mk

b) Lions can maintain a maximum speed of 48-59km/hr when chasing prey for at least 200m. True/False. 1 mk

HH.SEPT.23 – Qu. 9    From which species of bird would you expect the following behaviour?

The male makes the nest. The female lays her eggs, and then leaves the male to incubate and look after the young.

HH.SEPT.23 – Qu. 10    Which grass species is normally sought out by white rhinos, especially during the early dry season as this grass species tends to remain green longer than others. 2 mks

HH.SEPT.23 – Qu. 11    Describe the effects and signs of haemotoxic venom on a victim bitten by a boomslang snake.  4 mks

HH.SEPT.23 – Qu. 12    State the dominant tree species commonly found in:

  1. Miombo woodland of the central watershed of the country    3 mks
  2. Riverine area of the lower Zambezi   2 mks

HH.SEPT.23 – Qu. 13    What is the gestation period of the following animals:

  1. Panthera pardus
  2. Proteles cristatus
  3. Lycaon pictus          3 mks

HH.SEPT.23 – Qu. 14

  1. Which fish species is found in temporary pans of Lowveld area of Zimbabwe?   1 mk
  2. How does it survive the dry periods?    2 mks

HH.SEPT.23 – Qu. 15      Lions and wild dogs have a way of avoiding inbreeding and at the same time ensuring that there is food provision for the groups. Explain their methods.  4 mks


LAW.SEPT.23 – Qu. 1    Define the following words according to the Parks and Wildlife Act, Chapter 20: 14

i) Meat    2 mks

ii) Jigging    2 mks

iii) Park area    2 mks

iv) Pick    2 mks

v) Purchase    2 mks

LAW.SEPT.23 – Qu. 2     Define law.   2 mks

LAW.SEPT.23 – Qu. 3     State any two purposes of law.    2 mks

LAW.SEPT.23 – Qu. 4     Differentiate between a Botanical Garden and a Recreational Park and give one example of each.         6 mks

LAW.SEPT.23 – Qu. 5     State any five prohibitions to preserve the Parks and Wildlife Estate under Section 8 of Statutory Instrument 362 of 1990.       5 mks

LAW.SEPT.23 – Qu. 6      A tourist is defined as a visitor to Zimbabwe who spends at least one night in the country and whose journey is for the purpose of a holiday or for religious reasons.  Name any three other purposes for which a tourist may legitimately visit the country.  3 mks

LAW.SEPT.23 – Qu. 7    Name any three state-owned Safari Areas. 3 mks

LAW.SEPT.23 – Qu. 8     There was still some light in the sky when Professional Hunter John shot a leopard on a government concession about 40 minutes after the sun had dropped below the horizon. Comment on the legality of his action.      2 mks

LAW.SEPT.23 – Qu. 9     State any two prohibitions in the operations of vessels according to S.I. 362 of 1990.   2 mks

LAW.SEPT.23 – Qu. 10     State any four protected bird species according to the Parks and Wildlife Act, Chapter 20:14.     4 mks

LAW.SEPT.23 – Qu. 11      Name the Specially Protected Animals with the following scientific names.      4 mks

i) Lycaon pictus

ii) Hippotragus equinus

iii) Acinonyx jubatus

iv) Oryx gazelle

LAW.SEPT.23 – Qu. 12    What does the acronym CITES stand for?    2 mks

LAW.SEPT.23 – Qu. 13    What is the total CITES quota for cheetah in Zimbabwe?      2 mks

LAW.SEPT.23 – Qu. 14     What is the other name for N.P. CITES Form 10?      1 mk

LAW.SEPT.23 – Qu. 15      Which statutory instrument deleted buffalo from Part A of Statutory Instrument 362 of 1990 and created Part E where buffalo can legally be hunted with a bow and arrow?   2 mks

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