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Flashcards - Booklet Cover

Flashcards are the most efficient way of studying facts. This kit provides over 1 500 flashcard questions-&-answers taken from past exam papers up until February 2020. As the Hunters and Guides examinations are very much about remembering facts and figures these flashcards present the ideal way of getting ready for these particular exams. (Look at the article in this website entitled Studying With Flashcards for suggestions about the methods for using flashcards.)

All you need to do is to choose the form that would best suit your learning style.

  1. Traditional Flashcards – the questions and answers are printed on card to be folded back, glued and cut into strips to make the traditional hard-copy flashcards (see the sample below).

2. Easy-reference booklet with the questions/answers divided into the different papers (Firearms, General Paper, Habits and Habitats and Law) and also with separate sections on Scientific Names, Indigenous Names, Birthing peaks, Gestation Periods, Life Spans and Migratory Birds.

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HHGestation period – buffalo11 mths
HHGestation period – zebra12 mths
HHGestation period – giraffe15 mths
HHGestation period – rhinoceros – black15 mths
HHGestation period – giraffe15 mths
HHGestation period – rhinoceros – white16 mths
HHGestation period – elephant22 mths


HHLifespan – hedgehog3 years
HHLifespan – kudu7-8 years
HHLifespan – warthog7-12 years
HHLifespan – scrub hare8 years
HHLifespan – duiker, common8-11 years
HHLifespan – dassie10 years
HHLifespan – jackal – black-backed10 years
HHLifespan – jackal – side-striped10-12 years

If you are interested in buying either of these forms of material use the Contact page to email me.

Paddy Pacey

Zimbabwean field guide and trainer of aspiring guides

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