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Examinations, September 2022


FA.SEPT.22 – QU. 1     State the advantages and disadvantages of an expanding bullet.   4 mks

FA.SEPT.22 – QU. 2 ‘ Differentiate a revolver from a pistol.   2 mks

FA.SEPT.22 – QU. 3    Giving examples, outline the two types of box magazine.   4 mks

FA.SEPT.22 – QU. 4      Briefly describe how a shot is fired.   5 mks

FA.SEPT.22 – QU. 5      What determines a bullet‘s velocity.  3 mks

FA.SEPT.22 – QU. 6      Describe open sights.   2 mks

FA.SEPT.22 – QU. 7      Name the aiming device found in telescopic sights. 1 mk

FA.SEPT.22 – QU. 8      Outline the functions of the following components of a cartridge:

(a) Primer

(b) Crimp

(c) Cartridge case

(d) Flash hole                           4 mks

FA.SEPT.22 – QU. 9       Name the two types of gun powder.  1 mk

FA.SEPT.22 – QU. 10     Define a round.     2 mks

FA.SEPT.22 – QU. 11     ln exterior ballistics which conditions affect the performance of a projectile? 2 mks

FA.SEPT.22 – QU. 12     Animals are hunted with specified weapons. Classify the following animals into their appropriate Third Schedule Class (A B C D) according to Statutory Instrument 362 of 1990:

                              Crocodile, Eland, Buffalo, Bush pig, Sable.       5 mks

FA.SEPT.22 – QU. 15     What is the name given to a shotgun with an internal barrel that is smooth and not rifled, and that propels 12 equal barrel balls of lead equal to one pound?                                2 mks

FA.SEPT.22 – QU. 16     Outline any three situations where one can be exempted from holding a firearm certificate. 3 mks

FA.SEPT.22 – QU. 17    What term is given to the strike of primer by the firing pin, igniting the gunpowder to expand many times its volume in order to propel the bullet. 2 mks

FA.SEPT.22 – QU. 18     Define the following terms:

(a) Action

(b) Head stamp

(c) Drift

(d) MRT

(e) Lock time                                          5 mks

FA.SEPT.22 – QU. 19      Outline the factors that affect felt recoil. 3 mks


GP.SEPT.22 – QU. 1    Who is the Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority Regional Manager for South-East Lowveld Region? 1 mk

GP.SEPT.22 – QU. 2

i. What is the new name for the Zimparks Wildlife College formerly known as Mushandike College of Wildlife Management?  1 mk

ii. Who is the principal of the college named above?  1 mk

GP.SEPT.22 – QU. 3      Name the Botanical Garden found in Manicaland Province.   1 mk

GP.SEPT.22 – QU. 4       Who is the current President of Kenya?   1 mk

GP.SEPT.22 – QU. 5   State any 4 weather conditions to note when going for a guided walk or hunt.    4 mks

GP.SEPT.22 – QU. 6     State any 6 important items to carry when going for a guided walk.  6 mks

GP.SEPT.22 – QU. 7      Convert the letters G, K, V, Q to phonetic alphabet as used in radio communication.     4 mks

GP.SEPT.22 – QU. 8      Detached clouds in the form of white, delicate filaments or white (or mostly white) patches or narrow bands. These clouds have a fibrous (hair-like) appearance, or a silky sheen, or both, clouds leave milky white swirls and curls etched across the sky. Identify the type of cloud.  2 mks

GP.SEPT.22 – QU. 9     Describe the weather associated with cumulonimbus clouds.  2 mks

GP.SEPT.22 – QU. 10       Describe the procedure for making salt and sugar solution 3 mks

GP.SEPT.22 – QU. 11      Name the official name of a station commonly known as Marongora Field Station     2 mks

GP.SEPT.22 – QU. 12     Who officiated at the recent 2022 Harare Agricultural Show 2 mks

GP.SEPT.22 – QU. 13 In the education sector, the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education in Zimbabwe has introduced the   famous CALA. What does the acronym CALA stand for?    2 mks

GP.SEPT.22 – QU. 14      The number of VIPs watching a soccer match is given by the equation 3ax +30y = 360. If a and x are   constants represented by 5 and 2 respectively, and y is the number of VIPs, calculate the number of VIPs in the stadium 4 mks

GP.SEPT.22 – QU. 15     Name the National hero who was last to be buried at the Zimbabwe National Heroes Acre this month of September.     2 mks

GP.SEPT.22 – QU. 16   Where in the Southern Africa do the borders of four different countries meet?  2 mks

GP.SEPT.22 – QU. 17    In terms of trans-frontier parks, what do the following abbreviations stand for?

i. KAZA    2 mks

ii. ZIMOZA     2 mks

iii. GLTP      2 mks

GP.SEPT.22 – QU. 18     Besides Zimparks, name four sister organisations that fall under the same Ministry as Zimparks.     4 mks


HH.SEPT.22 – QU. 1   Name the four sub-species of the sable antelope.   4 mks

HH.SEPT.22 – QU. 2    Giraffes seemingly are too tall with a long neck and legs so that it is difficult for them to lie down and sleep in the night like any other small ungulates. True/False          2 mks

HH.SEPT.22 – QU. 3    Explain the need for water for the reproduction of amphibians compared to reptiles.        3 mks

HH.SEPT.22 – QU. 4 

I. Whereas a green mamba maybe so named because of the greenish colour of its skin, how would you respond if your client asks why the black mamba is called black when its skin colour is not anywhere near black in colour.    2 mks

ll. From the list of snakes below, identify the back-fanged snakes:

Rinkhals, rock python, common brown water snake, bird snake, East African egg eater, boomslang, black spitting cobra, cape file snake, short snouted grass snake        3 mks

HH.SEPT.22 – QU. 5   The hide of a hippo is peppered with glands that secrete blood-like fluid called hippoduracic acid. Suggest possible functions of hippoduracic acid.        3 mks

HH.SEPT.22 – QU. 6    What are the gestation periods of the following mammals?

l. Protelus cristatus 1 mk

ll. Syncerous caffer 1 mk

lll. Equus burchelli 1 mk

IV. Cercopithecus aethiops 1 mk

HH.SEPT.22 – QU. 7      Which of the four large carnivores is most disadvantaged when it comes to protecting its kill? Explain your answer. 3 mks

HH.SEPT.22 – QU. 8      Which of these species are both browsers and grazers in almost equal proportions?

Buffalo, impala, elephant, hippo, kudu, eland, waterbuck warthog            3 mks

HH.SEPT.22 – QU. 9         Identify the two species of birds that would tell you that a buffalo is close by 2 mks

HH.SEPT.22 – QU. 10

l. After how many days do female impalas bring their fawns to the herd after birth?             2 mks

ll. What nocturnal animal looks as if it has a black mask over its eyes, has black spots on the body and stripes on the tail and neck region and secrets a bad smelling substance from its scent gland.    2 mks

HH.SEPT.22 – QU. 11

I. Describe the shelter in which you are likely to find a porcupine. 2 mks

ll. Differentiate between the quills and spines of a porcupine.        2 mks

HH.SEPT.22 – QU. 12   Although female lion usually do the hunts, a feeding hierarchy normally follows. Describe the feeding hierarchy of lions after a successful hunt. 3 mks

HH.SEPT.22 – QU. 13    Briefly describe the leaf arrangement on the Brachystegia spiciformis and Julbernadia globiflora tree species outlining their distinct differences.    3 mks

HH.SEPT.22 – QU. 14   The Aardvark (Antbear) has four toes on the front foot and five toes on the hind foot. How many toes on each foot that can clearly mark and show on the track?     2 mks

HH.SEPT.22 – QU. 15

l. Distinguish between male sable and female sable in terms of degree of horn curvature.    2 mks

ll. Explain why it is so difficult for predators to detect concealed sable calves after birth     3 mks


LAW.SEPT.22 – QU.1       Define “law”.                                                             2 mks

LAW.SEPT.22 – QU.2       State any three purposes of law.                           3 mks

LAW.SEPT.22 – QU.3        Define the following in terms of the Tourism Act, Chapter 14:20:

  1. Excursionist
  2. Operator
  3. Domestic excursionist or tourist
  4. Committee
  5. Authority                                                                                             5 mks

LAW.SEPT.22 – QU.4       State the Statutory Instrument that repealed the wild dog as a Problem Animal.                                                                                     1 mk

LAW.SEPT.22 – QU.5   

  1. Is it lawful for one to hunt a bird with a rifle-barrelled weapon propelling a projectile not less than 5.6mm with less than 650 joules of energy at the muzzle?                                                                                                 1 mk
  2. What is the recommended calibre for hunting birds?                        3 mks

LAW.SEPT.22 – QU.6 state any five prohibitions for preserving the Parks and Wildlife Estate                                                                                                      5 mks

LAW.SEPT.22 – QU.7 State any two purposes of the Parks and Wildlife Act, 20:14.                                                                                                                      2 mks

LAW.SEPT.22 – QU.8    State the conditions under which the Minister may grant a permit to any person to hunt:

  1. Sable in a National Park                                                                         2 mks
  2. Kudu in a Sanctuary                                                                                4 mks

LAW.SEPT.22 – QU.9    Detail the differences between a Sanctuary and a Botanical Garden. Give one example of each.                                               6 mks

LAW.SEPT.22 – QU.10   What does the law say about the control of, introduction of and removal of plants from a Botanical Reserve or Botanical Garden?                                                                                                                  4 mks

LAW.SEPT.22 – QU.11    Identify the calibre of weapon recommended for hunting buffalo, according to the law.                                                              2 mks

LAW.SEPT.22 – QU.12    State two reasons for quota setting.                       2 mks

LAW.SEPT.22 – QU.13     Who allocates the use of pool areas to rights holders within the Parks and Wildlife Estate?                                                                2 mks

LAW.SEPT.22 – QU.14       Is it lawful for the Minister to issue a permit to any person to hunt a Specially Protected Animal in a Sanctuary?                        2 mks

LAW.SEPT.22 – QU.15      What is the difference between a hunting quota and a hunting permit?                                                                                                       2 mks

LAW.SEPT.22 – QU.16     Which of the following animals are Specially Protected Animals:

Synecerus caffer, Lycaon pictus, Aepiceros melampus, Hippotragus equinus

                                                                                                                                    2 mks

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