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October, 2020 Examination Paper

Thumbnail, Oct 2020 H & G Exams


FA.OCT.20 – QU.1   Differentiate between a cartridge and a bullet.  2mks

FA.OCT.20 – QU.2   Outline any two types of rifle site.  2 mks

FA.OCT.20 – QU.3   Name the 5 types of cartridge case illustrated below

Cartridge case types - blank

5 mks.

FA.OCT.20 – QU.4   In the case of a Firearm Certificate being revoked by the Controller, within what period of time should the holder surrender the certificate? 1 mk

FA.OCT.20 – QU.5   Define the following terms according to the Firearms Act, Chapter 10:09:

  1. Acquiring 1 mk
  2. Minister 1 mk

FA.OCT.20 – QU.6   With the aid of a diagram explain MRT as used in relation to firearms. 5 mks

FA.OCT.20 – QU.7   One certificate can be issued for two different firearms.  True or false? 1 mk

FA.OCT.20 – QU.8   Explain Newton’s 3rd Law of Physics in relation to firearms.   2 mks

FA.OCT.20 – QU.9   Explain the following as they are used in ballistics:

  1. Seating depth  1mk
  2. Projectile  1 mk
  3. Point blank  2 mks
  4. Lands 1 mk

FA.OCT.20 – QU.10   State the merits and demerits of an expanding bullet.  4 mks

FA.OCT.20 – QU.11   Give one example of a small arm.  1 mk

FA.OCT.20 – QU.12   Outline the circumstances under which one cannot be granted a firearms certificate according to the Firearms Act.  3 mks

FA.OCT.20 – QU.13   When is a rifle said to be:

  1. Loaded
  2. Ready
  3. Unloaded    3 mks

FA.OCT.20 – QU.14   Outline the factors that influence bullet performance.  4 mks

FA.OCT.20 – QU.15   What are the provisions of the Firearms Act, 10:09?  3 mks

FA.OCT.20 – QU.16  

a . Define lock time

b. Highlight the factors that influence rifle lock time. 3 mks

FA.OCT.20 – QU.17  

a. Define “action” as used in firearms.  1 mk

b. What are the two major disadvantages of break action? 2 mks

FA.OCT.20 – QU.18   Give two examples of shotguns.  2 mks


GP.OCT.20 – QU.1  Which of the following hotels found in Victoria Falls are classified as 5 star hotels:

Mbano Manor, N1 Hotel, The Kingdom at Victoria Falls, Victoria Falls Hotel, Victoria Falls Safari Club and Ancient City Hotel.  3 mks

GP.OCT.20 – QU.2 Name the famous lodge found in the southern part of Zimbabwe which is ranked as one of the best lodges in the world. 2 mks

GP.OCT.20 – QU.3   What do the following acronyms used in the Zimbabwe wildlife industry stand for?

  1. ZPWMA   1 mk
  2. KAZA   1 mk

GP.OCT.20 – QU.4 What is the name of the current Miss Zimbabwe?  2 mks

GP.OCT.20 – QU.5 State any four international airports found in Zimbabwe? 4 mks

GP.OCT.20 – QU.6  In which ZIMPARKS Clusters do you find the following Parks Estates:

Marongora, Matopos, Mkanga, Sinamatella    4 mks

GP.OCT.20 – QU.7 According the World Health Organisation (WHO) what are the major symptoms of Covid 19? 3 mks

GP.OCT.20 – QU.8   You are camping in Mana Pools and you find out that one of your clients is burying tin cans, empty beer bottles and plastic containers in the ground. Comment on this.  3 mks

GP.OCT.20 – QU.9 What is the Red Data book in the wildlife industry? 2 mks

GP.OCT.20 – QU.10 There are different forms of accommodation in most ZIMPARKS estates. Distinguish between a lodge and a chalet in this context. 4 mks

GP.OCT.20 – QU.11   What does the name “Zimbabwe” mean?

GP.OCT.20 – QU.12 state the reasons for the construction of Great Zimbabwe. 2 mks

GP.OCT.20 – QU.13

  1. State the name of the world’s largest Transfrontier Conservation Area.  1 mk
  2. How big is this Transfrontier Conservation Area 2 mks?
  3. In terms of land area covered what is each country’s proportional contribution (as a percentage) in the Transfrontier Conservation Area? 5 mks

GP.OCT.20 – QU.14   State the entry requirements for the proficiency tests when you want to acquire a Professional Hunter’s or Professional Guide’s licence in Zimbabwe. 3 mks

GP.OCT.20 – QU.15   After a hectic day of hunting with your clients from Yugoslavia you come across rangers putting out wildfire whilst you are on your way back to your campsite to rest.  One of the rangers asks if you and your clients could assist them in controlling the rapidly spreading fire.  Comment on this ranger’s action.  3 mks.

GP.OCT.20 – QU.16 You are camping and having lunch with your clients in Mana Pools. One of your clients requests a special kind of whisky.  You are sure you will get the whisky from Zeks camp, which is 20 kms away in Mana Pools.  How much time will it take you to fetch the whisky if you are travelling at the recommended speed in Parks Estate?  Assume it will take you a minute to collect the whiskey at ZEKS Camp.  3 mks


HH.OCT.2020 – QU.1 What three factors are considered to delineate the different habitat types of Zimbabwe? 3 mks

HH.OCT.2020 – QU.2   Give an example of an animal that exhibits oligarchy behaviour.  2 mks

HH.OCT.2020 – QU.3   mammals undergo an oestrus period during reproduction. The oestrus phases are moestrus/diestrus, proestrus and estrus. Arrange these phases in their order of occurrence. 4 mks

HH.OCT.2020 – QU.4   What is the rationale behind mammals of nearly the same size having very different gestation periods – giving an example of a rhino with a gestation period of 16 months and a hippo with a gestation period of 8 months? 3 mks

HH.OCT.2020 – QU.5   Define the following anti-predatory terms:

  1. Caudal autonomy 2 mks
  2. Thanatosis  2 mks

HH.OCT.2020 – QU.6   Identify the following animals:

  1. A rodent that hops on its hind legs with front feet only coming into contact with the ground when feeding. The hind feet have four toes but only three show clearly on the track.  2 mks
  2. A species which occurs throughout sub-Saharan Africa and is solitary. Although its front? foot has four toes and the hind foot five toes only three toes on each foot always show clearly in the track.   2 mks

HH.OCT.2020 – QU.7   Primates have generally a remarkably longer gestation period. Which animal can give birth to more than one young one at a time. 2 mks.

HH.OCT.2020 – QU.8   What is the lion’s preferred food and what constitutes most of its diet? 2 mks

HH.OCT.2020 – QU.9  

                   A.                                                                       B.

Distinguish between the two animals, A and B, above. 2 mks

HH.OCT.2020 – QU.10 Despite the most common reason for animal aggregations (i.e. differential grazing levels between wildebeests and zebras) explain the main reason why animals of different species often mix in groups.  3 mks

HH.OCT.2020 – QU.11 In most cats why does the female roll over immediately or soon after mating.  2 mks

HH.OCT.2020 – QU.12 How do buffalo bulls prompt females to urinate when wanting to detect mating readiness?  2 mks

HH.OCT.2020 – QU.13   Describe the differences between the appearances of the tail of amphibians of the family cryptobranchidae and amphibians of the family rundae.  2 mks

HH.OCT.2020 – QU.14 Reptiles and amphibians are all poiklothermic. How would they then regulate their body temperatures?   3 mks

HH.OCT.2020 – QU.15 Explain why the Mozambican spitting cobra is described as an accurate spitter even at a 2 to 3 meter distance.  3 mks

HH.OCT.2020 – QU.16 How would you take out a trophy measurement of a hippo using the SCI method. 3 mks

HH.OCT.2020 – QU.17 As an LPH criticize adequately the Rowland Ward method as a trophy measuring instrument.  4 mks

HH.OCT.2020 – QU.18   Wild dogs can be described as successful hunters. Justify this sentiment.  2 mks


LAW.OCT.2020 – QU.1 Define “hunter” in terms of the law.

LAW.OCT.2020 – QU.2 Define a “pool area” in terms of the law.

LAW.OCT.2020 – QU.3 allegations against Peter and Farai are that on the 16th June 2018 they were in possession of a live pangolin at Truckstop area. They were driving a Mazda open truck vehicle which they had parked as they were having a few beers at the Truckstop area on their way from a lawful buffalo hunt.  A small bag containing a live pangolin was found by police officers in their truck.  The truck was parked about 30 meters from the beerhall where they were drinking beer.  The two are disputing the claim by the police officers that they were found in possession of the pangolin.  They claim that the police or someone else “planted” the pangolin in their vehicle.

  1. What is the likely charge for Peter and Farai?  3 mks
  2. On the face of it, does the defence proffered by the two weaken the charge against them?  3 mks

LAW.OCT.2020 – QU.4 In a private game park an elderly woman was knocked down and injured by a baby elephant which was seeking sweets.  An employee had assured the woman that it was safe to alight from her vehicle, not realizing that she was holding a packet of sweets.  At the time of the accident the employee was resting under a tree.  The elderly woman is now demanding compensation or payment of damages.  In whose favour is the court likely to rule.  Explain your answer.  4 mks

LAW.OCT.2020 – QU.5 John, an American client along with a Zimbabwean hunter used the scent of a kudu carcass to lure a leopard out of Matopos National Park.  Both men were aware of the boundaries and relevant laws.  They moved the leopard out of the National Park by dragging the kudu carcass behind a vehicle in a neighbouring farm.  The leopard crossed over the national park boundary into the farm following the scent to the carcass and was shot by the American client while feeding on the carcass.  The hunters had a permit to hunt in this neighbouring farm but not in the National Park.

a. Is there any offence committed by John?  2 mks

b. Is there any offence committed by the Zimbabwean hunter? 2 mks.

c. Would your answer be different if John was not aware of the boundaries?  2 mks.

LAW.OCT.2020 – QU.6

  1. Is it lawful for one to hunt a bird with a rifle-barrel weapon propelling a projectile not less than 5.6mm with less than 850 joules of energy at the muzzle?  1 mk

LAW.OCT.2020 – QU.7   Which statute regulates the import and export of wildlife products and trophies?  1 mk

LAW.OCT.2020 – QU.8    Kevin registered raw ivory at 1700hrs a day after he acquired it in Masvingo at 0700hrs. Was there anything wrong with the actions of Kevin?   2 mks.

LAW.OCT.2020 – QU.9 State the conditions under which the Minister may grant a permit to hunt a rhino in a National Park.  2 mks

LAW.OCT.2020 – QU.10    Explain the difference between a Safari Area and a National Park. Give two examples of each.

LAW.OCT.2020 – QU.11    Can someone carry out a lawful hunt with a hunting permit but without a hunting quota?   2 mks

LAW.OCT.2020 – QU.12   What is the difference between a hunting quota and a hunting permit?   2 mks

LAW.OCT.2020 – QU.13    Which of the following are Specially Protected Animals?

Syncerus caffer, Lycaon pictus, Hippotragus equinus, Aepyceros melampus 2 mks

LAW.OCT.2020 – QU.14 John shot an impala with permission in Mr Mawere’s farm. The impala crossed into Chegwite farm, owned by Mr. Bhiza.  John entered Chegwite Farm with the purpose of retrieving the impala.  The injured impala upon seeing John and his hunting party started running.  John continued tracking the animal. He was then arrested while tracking the impala.

  1. Was the arrest unlawful in terms of the law?  2 mks
  2. Explain your answer 4 mks

LAW.OCT.2020 – QU.15 What does the law say on the possession of a permit to keep a Problem or Dangerous Animal in urban areas? 3 mks

LAW.OCT.2020 – QU.16 Dr. Dickson, whilst hunting in Matetsi Safari Area, advised his client to shoot a sick female zebra.  The client had a permit to hunt a male zebra.  Comment on the unlawful action he may be charged for. 2 mks

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