Sunbird - Scarlet Chested

Scarlet-Chested Sunbird

Chalcomitra senegalensis (Genus: Chalcomitra, Greek = copper or bronze headband or cap; species: senegalensis, Latin = from Senegal)Dzonya, Tsodzo (Shona: generic), Souimanga a poitrine rouge (French); Beija-flor-de-peito-escarlate (Portuguese) Song:…

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Barn Owl Perched

Barn Owl

Tyto alba (Genus: tyto, Greek = a night owl; species: albinus, Latin = white) Zizi (Shona, generic),  Effraie des clocher (French),  Coruja-das-torres (Portuguese) Call: (Click on the…

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Bat-eared Fox

Bat-Eared Fox

OrderFamilyGenusSpeciesCarnivoraCanidaeOtocyonmegalotis The only representative of the genus “Otocyon” Origin of scientific name From the Greek Otus = ear & cyon = dog and then…

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