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Past Papers: February 2019


FA.FEB.19 – QU.1 Who grants a Firearms Certificate?   2 mks

FA.FEB.19 –  QU.2 Name three types of firearms “action”.   3 mks.

FA.FEB.19 – QU.3 Explain the uses of the following parts of a firearm:

  1. Sights
  2. Barrel
  3. Butt
  4. Sear
  5. Safety catch
  6. Chamber
  7. Locking lugs
  8. Magazine
  9. Extractor
  10. Ejector                                                    10 marks

 FA.FEB.19 – QU.4 List the characteristics of military rifles as opposed to the characteristics of sporting rifles.   8 marks

 FA.FEB.19 – QU.5  Define “rifling”.   3 mks

 FA.FEB.19 – QU.6  List the safety procedures to be followed:

  1. When handing over a rifle       3 mks
  2. When receiving a  rifle              3 mks

 FA.FEB.19 – QU.7    Distinguish between the following aspects of ballistics:

  • Internal ballistics
  • External ballistics
  • Terminal ballistics                   6 mks

FA.FEB.19 – QU.8 Convert 2 grams to grains.   3 mks  

FA.FEB.19 – QU.9   What do the following abbreviations stand for in relation to firearms?

  • BP
  • CPE
  • FP
  • HBWC                      4 mks

FA.FEB.19 –  QU.10   In relation to the care and maintenance of firearms explain the use of the following:

  • London oil
  • Bore-snake
  • Nitro-solvent     6 mks

FA.FEB.19 – QU.11 Name the factors that influence bullet performance.    7 mks

FA.FEB.19 – QU.12  What are the disadvantages of telescopic sights?    2 mks

FA.FEB.19 – QU.13   Why might a hunter use soft nosed bullets when hunting cats?   3 mks

 FA.FEB.19 – QU.14  What is the technical term for an involuntary movement or twitch while shooting a firearm, compromising accuracy? 2 mks

FA.FEB.19 – QU.15 Chido is sixteen years old. She is allowed to accept a firearm as a gift from her mother?  True/ False. 1 mk

  Total 65 marks                          Your score ………. X 100 ÷ 65 =…………….. %


GP.FEB.19 – QU.1  What term is given to a group of the animals listed below?

i. Owls

ii. Frogs

iii. Elephants      3mks

 GP.FEB.19 – QU.2  State any three types of non-electric game fences.   3 mks

 GP.FEB.19 – QU.3  Give the other term for a rucksack.  2 mks

 GP.FEB.19 – QU.4  What management strategy is followed to keep the population of the elephant in balance with native vegetation in protected areas?   2 mks

GP.FEB.19 – QU.5  What is the name of the phobia that involves an abnormal fear of:              

a) Spiders

b) Height

c) Snakes    3 mks

 GP.FEB.19 – QU.6  How many pairs of wings does a bee have?     1 mk

GP.FEB.19 – QU.7  Categorize the following ZIMPARKS Protected Areas:

Chizarira, Kazuma Pan, Ewanrigg, Umfumdzi                                      4 mks

 GP.FEB.19 – QU.8  Map reading is essential to all Professional Hunters and Guides. Use the four figure grid reference method to locate numbers 1 to 4 on the grid given below.   4 mks

GP.FEB.19 – QU.9   Below is a table showing Learner Professional Hunters and Guides theory Examination marks for 4 candidates. Provide a remark for each candidate. 4 mks

GP.FEB.19 –  QU.10  The concept of using totems demonstrates the close relationship between humans, animals and the environment. What are the vernacular names given to male and female persons with the totems of   elephant and zebra.     4 mks

 GP.FEB.19 – QU.11  State the three main wildlife production systems.    3 mks

 GP.FEB.19 – QU.12     In relation to conservation of wildlife, what is the Red Data Book? 2 mks

 GP.FEB.19 – QU.13  Name the eight (8) clusters which make up Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority.   4 mks

GP.FEB.19 – QU.14   Veld fires can easily escape from one area to another area through infrastructure such as culverts.   What is a culvert? 2 mks

 QU.15   You are coming from a hunt and your client observes reflective plates systematically positioned along a newly erected game fence. What would be your response if your client asks you about the significance of these plates? 2 mks

 GP.FEB.19 – QU.16   From the list given below, are there any Specially Protected Species? If your answer is yes, then pick any one species. Sabi star, hammercop, vultures, all storks, cheetah, hartebeest.   2 mks

 GP.FEB.19 – QU.17  On which date of the year is World Wetland Day celebrated? 2 mks

 GP.FEB.19 – QU.18   You are camping with your clients and fire escapes from your bin and burns an area of 15000cm2. Can you express the area burnt in square meters (m2)    3 mks

Total 50 mark                                           Your score ………. X 2 =…………….. %


HH.FEB.19 – QU.1  What factor is most determinant in the classification of different habitat types of Zimbabwe?   2 mks

 HH.FEB.19 – QU.2  Of the 12 mammalian orders that exist in Zimbabwe, which one is the most successful living mammalian order and give reasons why it is very successful.  3 mks

 HH.FEB.19 – QU.3    Fill in the table below by ticking the appropriate space to show the differences between a hare and a rabbit. 4 mks

 HH.FEB.19 – QU.4   Most mammals practice polyganandry during the mating season. Define the term polyganandry giving an example. 3 mks

 HH.FEB.19 – QU.5   Most female mammals undergo an oestrus cycle during their reproductive periods. Describe what happens when female mammals are pro-oestrus. 2 mks

 HH.FEB.19 – QU.6  Explain how roan antelopes are mostly adapted to concealment compared to sable bulls in the wild.  2 mks

 HH.FEB.19 – QU.7  What are the gestation periods of the following animals?

i. Damaliscus lunatus 

ii. Giraffa camelopardalis       4 mks

 HH.FEB.19 – QU.8    Explain why carnivores and birds of prey are very good at judging accurate distances when pursuing prey.   2 mks

 HH.FEB.19 – QU.9   How do hippos sleep at the bottom of the water without being choked by water? 3 mks

 HH.FEB.19 – QU.10   Name any three predators that show five toes on their spoor with more than one footpad that supports its body mass.   3 mks

HH.FEB.19 – QU.11   Explain why lions rarely chase prey for not more than 100m at maximum speed of 48km/hour.   2 mks

 HH.FEB.19 – QU.12  Explain the difference between amphibians with tails (Family: Cryptobranchidae) and amphibians without tails (Family: Runidae) in terms of how they lay their eggs. 2 mks

 HH.FEB.19 – QU.13   Unlike amphibians, reptiles are not dependent on water for reproduction, hence they lay eggs in sand and the eggs hatch at the same time with hatchlings coming up to the surface at nearly the same time. What term is used to describe this phenomenon?    2 mks

 HH.FEB.19 – QU.14   Which type of snake is best described by the following: It is born yellow but changes colour as it grows. It spends most of its time in trees and almost never touches the ground. Tries to avoid humans. Only active during the day. 2 mks

 HH.FEB.19 – QU.15   Which snake strikes with the following actions and signs to the victim: venom is neurotoxic and if spat into the eyes, can cause blurred vision. It is mainly active at night and when spitting it throws the raised part of its body forward, often hissing at the same time. Venom affects breathing, causes respiratory failure and eventually death. 2 mks

 HH.FEB.19 – QU.16   Giving examples of each clearly differentiate between the following habits by wild animals and birds:

  • lnfanticide
  • Siblicide
  • Cainism              6 mks

 HH.FEB.19 – QU.17   Explain the significance of a female lion rolling over immediately after mating has taken place. 2 mks

 HH.FEB.19 – QU.18  Zebra foals imprint on their mothers by learning their mother’s colour pattern. How do wildebeest young imprint on their mothers that have the same coat colour? 2 mks

HH.FEB.19 – QU.19  In both the sable and roan, males have horns and females do not have horns. True/ False 2 mks

Total 50 marks                                         Your score ………. X 2 =…………….. %


 LAW.FEB.19 – QU. 1  Define the following terms in terms of the relevant wildlife law:                         

                   (i) Hunting permit

                  (ii) Fishing permit      2 mks

 LAW.FEB.19 – QU.2   Farai sold a fake rhino horn to Peter who wanted to illegally buy an actual rhino horn.  Farai was charged with an offence of illegal wildlife trade.  Was this a correct charge?  3 mks  Was Peter guilty of any offence? 3 mks

 LAW.FEB.19 – QU.3  John was lawfully hunting a kudu in Property A. He shot and seriously injured a kudu which then crossed into Property B with difficulty. John followed up his kudu with the purpose of retrieving it but did not seek the permission of the owner of property B. He continued to search for his animal to retrieve it. He was caught and charged with illegally hunting.

(i) Was John correctly charged? Explain your answer. 3 mks

(ii) Is there any other offence John could be guilty of? 2 mks

(iii) If the kudu had been slightly injured and escaped into property B and John followed it to shoot it, would you have charged John with illegal hunting? 3 mks

 LAW.FEB.19 – QU.4  With reference to the Parks and Wildlife Act, 20: 14, can the Minister authorise someone to hunt in a sanctuary. 3 mks

 LAW.FEB.19 – QU.5  State any conditions, under which the Minister may grant a permit to any person to hunt:

(i) roan in a National Park.  2 mks

 (ii) zebra in a National Park  2 mks

 LAW.FEB.19 – QU.6  Which statutory instrument regulates the import & export of wildlife trophies?   2 mks

 LAW.FEB.19 – QU.7  Mike had a permit to hunt an elephant in the Chete Safari Area which is along the Zambezi River but the river is not part of the Chete Safari Area. (Assume that the Zambezi River is part of Kariba Recreational Park.) He thought of sailing along the Zambezi River using binoculars as he was searching for a good elephant in Chete Safari Area. He saw one elephant from the boat, made landfall and entered Chete Safari Area and shot the elephant.

(i) Was anything unlawful in the conduct of Mike? Explain your answer. 5 mks

(ii) Was he wrong at law to search for his elephant whilst sailing? 2 mks

 LAW.FEB.19 – QU.8   What happens to a trophy of any Specially Protected Animal that is found dead but was in lawful captivity immediately before its death? 2 mks

 LAW.FEB.19 – QU.9   Within what period of time should any fee payable by a right holder for an animal hunted in terms of a hunting permit be payable?  2 mks

 LAW.FEB.19 – QU.10 Can someone lawfully hunt an impala in a Safari Area using an AK47? 1 mk

 LAW.FEB.19 – QU.11  What is the validity period of a Professional Hunters licenSe? 1 mk

 LAW.FEB.19 – QU.12  Define the term “Authority” according to the Parks and Wildlife Act as amended in 2001.  2 mks

 LAW.FEB.19 – QU.13   Advise on the relevant law for hunting at night in Zimbabwe. 2 mks

 LAW.FEB.19 – QU.14  Nancy, who is lawfully hunting in Matetsi Safari Area, found Andrew hunting in the same area and requested him to produce evidence of his authority to hunt in terms of the Parks and Wildlife Act and to furnish her with his full name and address. Andrew refused to comply with the request and argued that Nancy had no authority to make the request. Comment on the behaviour of both persons in terms of the law. 2 mks

 LAW.FEB.19 – QU.15  Define “appropriate authority” in terms of the law. 2 mks

 LAW.FEB.19 – QU.16  Chipo acquired unregistered raw ivory in Harare on a Thursday at 0900 hours in the morning and registered it the following day at 1600 hours. Was there anything wrong in Chipo’s actions? 2 mks

 LAW.FEB.19 – QU. 17   Who issues a permit to hunt in a:

(i) Recreational Park

(ii) Botanic Reserve      2 mks

Total 50 marks              Your score ………. X 2 =…………….. %

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