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Past Papers: February 2020



FA.FEB.2020 – QU.1 Do shotguns have sights? Elaborate.   3 mks

FA.FEB.2020 – QU.2     A ranger shoots an armed poacher but is arrested for unlawful possession of a firearm. You are called to justify the possession of a firearm. How are you going to explain it?  3mks

FA.FEB.2020 – QU.3    What term is given to the strike of primer by the firing pin igniting the gunpowder to expand many times its volume in order to propel the bullet?    2 mks

FA.FEB.2020 – QU.4   What determines a bullet’s velocity? 3 mks

FA.FEB.2020 – QU.5 Explain hydrostatic shock theory.  3 mks

FA.FEB.2020 – QU.6 Fill in the table below with the legal minimum caliber allowed for each species according to Statutory Instrument 362 of 1990.    6 mks


FA.FEB.2020 – QU.7 Who appoints the Controller of Firearms?  1 mk

FA.FEB.2020 – QU.8  Outline 4 acts that are considered improper use of firearms according to the Firearms Act, Chapter 10:09.   4 mks 

FA.FEB.2020 – QU.9  Define the following  terms:

  1. Action
  2. Head stamp
  3. Drift
  4. MRT
  5. Lock time                                   5 mks

FA.FEB.2020 – QU.10  What mechanism on the rifle allows the bullet to counter gravity and stabilize during flight.  1 mk

FA.FEB.2020 – QU.11 

  1. Describe” squib load”
  2. What is the possible danger of this malfunction?      3 mks

FA.FEB.2020 – QU.12   What term gives an indication of how easily a given bullet will overcome air resistance and slip through the air?     2 mks

FA.FEB.2020 – QU.13   Any person carrying on the business of an auctioneer, carrier or storage contractor or an employee of such a person may, without holding a firearm certificate, have in their possession a firearm or ammunition. True/False?    2 mks

FA.FEB.2020 – QU.14 A Temporary Import Permit for a firearm is valid for how long?  1 mk

FA.FEB.2020 – QU.15 How long is a firearm certificate valid for?   1 mk

FA.FEB.2020 – QU.16

Name the following cartridge parts.    5 mks

FA.FEB.2020 – QU.17

  1. Define recoil         1 mk
  2. Outline the factors that affect recoil.  4 mks

Total 50 marks                              Your score ………. X 2 =…………….. %


GP.FEB.2020 – QU.1   In the context of hunting and wildlife conservation decode the following abbreviations:

  1. SCI
  2. WWF

GP.FEB.2020 – QU.2    Where and when was the Wildlife Economic Summit held in Zimbabwe?   2 mks

GP.FEB.2020 – QU.3    State any five major parts of a sleeping bag.    5 mks

GP.FEB.2020 – QU.4    When did Cyclone Idai take place and which province was most affected?   2 mks

GP.FEB.2020 – QU.5   List six essential items to carry in a survival kit when working in the wilderness.   6 mks

GP.FEB.2020 – QU.6    Characterize a good tent.    3 mks

GP.FEB.2020 – QU.7   Briefly explain how you would assist someone suffering from hypothermia.    4 mks

GP.FEB.2020 – QU.8    You are with your clients in the field and you notice that a thunderstorm is approaching your position. How would you protect your clients from being struck by lightning? 2 mks

GP.FEB.2020 – QU.9 State any four types of knot on ropes for tying objects.    4 mks

GP.FEB.2020 – QU.10 The phonetic alphabet is a universally recognized radio communication aid which assigns a common word to represent each letter of the alphabet. What do the following phonetic alphabet letters stand for in radio communication?   A,  N,  T,  R.         6 mks

GP.FEB.2020 – QU.11   List any four signs and symptoms of coronavirus.   4 mks

GP.FEB.2020 – QU.12  Besides Chewa, Chibarwe, English, Kalanga, Koisan, Nambya, Ndau, Ndebele, Shangani, and Shona state any other four official languages used in Zimbabwe.   4 mks

GP.FEB.2020 – QU.13    State any four international airports in Zimbabwe.  4  mks

GP.FEB.2020 – QU.14   A trader buys impalas for $1 200 and sells them for $1 500. For each impala he makes a $50 profit. How many impalas did he have?    2 mks



HH.FEB.2020 – QU.1   Define the following terms as they describe animal behavior:

  1. Polyandry
  2. Nidicolous
  3. Batesian mimicry
  4. Corprophagia
  5. Thanatosis   12 mks

HH.FEB.2020 – QU.2   What types of vegetation are you likely to find black and white rhino in?    4 mks

HH.FEB.2020 – QU.3   Horns are the key to animal identification. Waterbuck have long spiral horns that curve backwards and then forwards in males. True or False    2 mks

HH.FEB.2020 – QU.4  Do hyenas practice a matriarchal or patriarchal system of clans?   2 mks

HH.FEB.2020 – QU.5   What advantage do tuskless elephants have in the wild?    2 mks

HH.FEB.2020 – QU.6   Explain how elephants get water if no surface water is available.  3 mks

HH.FEB.2020 – QU.7   What are the gestation periods of the following animals:                                      10 mks

  1. Proteles cristatus
  2. Connochaetes taurinus
  3. Hippotragus niger
  4. Panthera pardus

HH.FEB.2020 – QU.8  Explain how the eggs of amphibians of the family Runidae (frogs) are laid.   2 mks

HH.FEB.2020 – QU.9  List any three signs or symptoms of a client bitten by a black mamba during a walk in the wilderness.   3 mks

HH.FEB.2020 – QU.10  Giving an example of each classify snakes using dentition types.   6 mks

HH.FEB.2020 –

Explain fully to your client how you would measure the trophy size of this kudu using the SCI method.   5 mks

HH.FEB.2020 – QU.12   List any three factors that influence the classification of the major vegetation or habitat types of Zimbabwe.   3 mks

Total 50 marks                              Your score ………. X 2 =…………….. %


LAW.FEB.2020 – QU.1 Define the term “Authority” according to the Parks and Wildlife Act.    2 mks

LAW.FEB.2020 – QU.2     Mac is on his way to Matetsi Safari Area for a lawful lion hunt. As he is driving along the road outside the Matetsi Safari Area he began to use his binoculars to look for a lion in the Safari Area. He saw a lion, got out of his vehicle, entered the Safari Area and shot a buffalo. (???) Is there anything wrong in the conduct of Mac in as far as hunting the lion is concerned?    4 mks

LAW.FEB.2020 – QU.3 

  1. Which Statutory Instrument introduced the issue of Quotas?   2 mks
  2. Explain the difference between management offtake and commercial offtake.   1 mk

LAW.FEB.2020 – QU.4  Thomas and Samson, both rangers, whilst on patrol in Chisarira Safari Area came across two poachers with dogs. Samson shot the dogs and the poachers fled. Was the killing of the dogs lawful?  3 mks

LAW.FEB.2020 – QU.5 Solomon was lawfully hunting a buffalo. He saw another animal which looked like a buffalo but was in fact a wildebeest.  His PH made him believe it was a buffalo and advised him to shoot, which he did. Solomon was arrested and convicted of hunting without a permit. He argued that he had acted on the advice of his PH. Was this conviction correct?   3 mks

LAW.FEB.2020 – QU.6 As Peter was hunting in the Chewore Safari Area he met Robert, who had two elephant tusks. Robert attempted to sell the tusks to Peter but Peter refused to buy them. On questioning Robert failed to disclose the source of the tusks. Robert was subsequently arrested. State the possible offenses Robert could have committed in terms of Zimbabwe’s wildlife laws.   4 mks

LAW.FEB.2020 – QU.7  List one Class 1 trap, one Class 2 trap and one Class 3 trap.       3 mks

LAW.FEB.2020 – QU.8 Is bow hunting permitted in Zimbabwe? Give details.   2 mks

LAW.FEB.2020 – QU.9 Differentiate a Botanic Garden from a Botanic Reserve and give one example of each.   2 mks

LAW.FEB.2020 – QU.10 Within what time should any injured animal be reported if one becomes aware that an animal has been injured in a specific area?      1 mk

LAW.FEB.2020 – QU.11 With reference to the Parks and Wildlife General Regulations SI 362 of 1990 specify from the list below animals that can be hunted using projectiles whose bullet diameter and muzzle energy are given below – waterbuck, lion, bushbuck, elephant.                                   4 mks

9.2 mm5.3 kg 
7.0 mm3.0 kg 
7.0 mm4.3 kg 
5.6 mm800 joules 

LAW.FEB.2020 – QU.12 Tom, a professional hunter, was hunting in the Chete Safari Area. During the hunt an elephant charged one of his clients. Tom shot and killed the elephant to protect his client. What does the law say about the above scenario?     3 mks

Total 50 marks                              Your score ………. X 2 =…………….. %

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