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Past Papers: September 2017



FA.SEPT.17 – QU. 1       Define the following terms:

a. Firearm

b. Ballistics

c. Centerfire

d. Trajectory

e. Head stamp                                                                  10 mk

FA.SEPT.17 – QU. 2

a. Differentiate a mis-fire from a hang fire.

b. What should you do in the event of a hang fire?                                 4 mk

FA.Sept.17 – Qu. 3    Suggest a term that describes a strike of primer by firing pin igniting the gun powder to expand many times its volume in order to propel the bullet                              2 mk

FA.SEPT.17 – QU. 4

a. Give two examples of handguns                                                2 mk

b. Differentiate between the two hand guns                               4 mk       

FA.SEPT.17 – QU. 5    Many people die due to firearms accidents, highlight any five useful tips for preventing such firearms accidents.          5 mk                                                                          

FA.SEPT.17 – QU. 6    In the context of ballistics tables for the common calibers, what do the following (next page) abbreviations stand for?

a. MC

b. SJ

c. HSP

d. Lu

e. PP                                                                                                     5 mk

FA.SEPT.17 – QU. 7  Briefly explain any two factors that affect internal ballistics.      4 mk

FA.SEPT.17 – QU. 8

a. What is a rifle action? 1 mk

b. Describe the following rifle actions:

1. Revolving action 2 mk

2. Bolt action  2 mk

FA.SEPT.17 – QU. 9      What is the purpose of spiral grooves in the barrel of a rifle.   1 mk  

FA.SEPT.17 – QU. 10   Draw and label major components of a bullet. 5 mk

FA.SEPT.17 – QU. 11   Which piece of legislation regulates the possession of, sale, repair, and manufacturing of firearms in   Zimbabwe?  2 mk

FA.SEPT.17 – QU. 12    Within what period should the loss of a firearm be reported to the police? 1 mk

Total 50 marks                              Your score ………. X 2 =…………….. %


GP.SEPT.17 – QU. 1   State the objectives of Zimbabwe Command Agriculture scheme. 2 mk

GP.SEPT.17 – QU. 2

a. What was the theme for the 2017 Harare Agricultural Show‘?  2 mk

b.   When was 2017 Harare Agricultural Show held?  1 mk

GP.SEPT.17 – QU. 3   Give the names of the two Heroines who were laid to rest at the Main Heroes Acre in 2017.    2 mk

GP.SEPT.17 – QU. 4  On which date and where (town) was the World Rangers Day celebrations held this year.   2 mk

GP.SEPT.17 – QU. 5    Give a list of all categories of protected areas which are under the jurisdiction of Zimbabwe  Parks and Wildlife Management Authority.  3 mk

GP.SEPT.17 – QU. 6    What is the official website for Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority?  1 mk

GP.SEPT.17 – QU. 7   According to Environmental Management Agency, what is the recommended breadth of a boundary fireguard?  1 mk

GP.SEPT.17 – QU. 8    Describe how you would prepare biltong.  4 mk

GP.SEPT.17 – QU. 9   Which countries form the ZIMOZA Transfrontier Conservation Area.  3 mk

GP.SEPT.17 – QU. 10   Who is the Director General of Parks and Wildlife Management Authority? 2 mk

GP.SEPT.17 – QU. 11    Which tree species is mostly preferred by African elephants in the Zambezi valley?   2 mk

GP.SEPT.17 – QU. 12   What factors must you consider when choosing a camping site? 5 mk

GP.SEPT.17 – QU. 13   What is the common name for Kobus ellipsiprymnus? 1 mk

GP.SEPT.17 – QU. 14 Given that the exchange rate between United States Dollar and South African Rand is 1: 7.5, how many United States dollars would you get if you want to change 1 500 Rand. 3 mk

GP.SEPT.17 – QU. 15   You are travelling from a hunt 68 km away from your base station and you are travelling at a constant speed of 40km/hr. How much time would you take to get to your base station?    2 mk

GP.SEPT.17 – QU. 16   What speed limit is recommended when driving in a national park? 1 mk

GP.SEPT.17 – QU. 17   What time is a client supposed to check out from a Parks lodge? 1 mk

GP.SEPT.17 – QU. 18   What term is given to a female elephant? 1 mk

GP.SEPT.17 – QU. 19   Arboreal animals are those living in which type of habitat? 2 mk 

GP.SEPT.17 – QU. 20

a. Briefly explain the cause of nose bleeding 2 mk

b. How would you treat a client who is nose bleeding whilst on a hunt. 4 mk

GP.SEPT.17 – QU. 21   Within how many days are you supposed to report the killing of an animal by accident or by error whilst you were hunting in a safari area? 1 Mark

GP.SEPT.17 – QU. 22   The IUCN Red Data Book provides information on

…………………………………………………………….. 2 mk

Total 50 marks                              Your score ………. X 2 =…………….. %


HH.SEPT.17 – QU. 1   Name any three 3 characteristics that define all mammals. 3 mk

HH.SEPT.17 – QU. 2  Define the term “echolocation” as practiced by most mammals of the order Chiroptera. 2 mk

HH.SEPT.17 – QU. 3   Differentiate between hares and rabbits in terms of sight and presence or absence of fur when their young ones are born.     4 mk

HH.SEPT.17 – QU. 4   Name any three animals in the wild that use protective body armor as an anti-predation strategy. 3 mk

HH.SEPT.17 – QU. 5   What term is used to describe the behaviour of birds when their young are born not fully developed for movement? 2 mk

HH.SEPT.17 – QU. 6   Male cheetah are usually non-territorial and ill-adapted to climbing trees. True / False 2 mk

HH.SEPT.17 – QU. 7    What are the gestation periods of the following animals:

l. Crocuta crocuta  2 mk

II. Acinonyx jubatus 2mk

III. Hippotragus niger  2 mk

HH.SEPT.17 – QU. 8    Give a thorough explanation as to why predators have a shorter gestation period than most prey of the same body size. 5 mk

HH.SEPT.17 – QU. 9    Suggest reasons why most mammals practice the following behaviours:

I. Coprophagy

ll. Geophagy

III. Osteophagy  6 mks

HH.SEPT.17 – Qu. 10  What is the function of a sensory organ called the Jacobsons  organ in the roof of the mouth of most reptiles. 2 mks

HH.SEPT.17 – Qu. 11 

  1. The Nile crocodile uses its limbs for swimming.  True/False  1 mk
  2. What factor determines the sex of the Nile crocodile hatchlings and how?   3 mks

HH.SEPT.17 – Qu. 12 

  1.  Explain how the giraffe behaves in order for it to get its head down low enough.    2 mks
  2. Female giraffes always return to their original maternity area to give birth.  True/False?    2  mks

HH.SEPT.17 – Qu. 13   Most people believe that a hippo breathes under water for up to six minutes.

  1. Does the water enter the ears and the nostrils when it is submerged?     1 mk
  2. Explain the bradycardia characteristic exhibited by hippos under water.    2 mks

HH.SEPT. – Qu.14   Name any two species of trees that can be found within the acacia type of woodland.    2 mks

HH.SEPT.17 – Qu. 15    What are the gestation periods of the following animals?

  1.  Zebra       1mk
  2. Baboon     1 mk
  3. Lion            1 mk

HH.SEPT.17 – Qu. 16 Explain how young calves of wildebeest continue to recognize their mothers in the herd.        2 mks

HH.SEPT.17 – Qu. 17 Explain how a dominant kudu bull checks a female’s reproductive condition for mating.    2 mks

HH.SEPT.17 – Qu. 18 In wild dogs, unlike most social animals, males remain in the natal pack and females emigrate   True/false? 2 mks

Total 50 marks                              Your score ………. X 2 =…………….. %


LAW.SEPT.17 – QU. 1   Define the following terms as provided for in wildlife law

a. picnic site

b. horn

c. camping site

d. alienated land 4 mk

LAW.SEPT.17 – QU. 2   Who issues a permit to hunt in a Recreational Park 2 mk

LAW.SEPT.17 – QU. 3  Is hunting by night in the Parks and Wildlife Estate allowed? 2 mk

LAW.SEPT.17 – QU. 4   Which of the following animals are Specially Protected Animals according to the Parks and Wildlife Act: Hippotragus equinus, Cephalophus monticola, Hippotragus niger, Oryx gazelle,  Proteles cristatus, Erinaceus frontalis, Panther pardus,  Alcelaphus lichtensteini, Loxodonta africana. 4 mk

LAW.SEPT.17 – QU. 5   Is it lawful for Parks and Wildlife Management Authority to issue a permit to any person to hunt a Specially Protected Animal in a National Park? 2 mk

LAW.SEPT.17 – QU. 6 Which of the following animals can be hunted using a weapon having a rifled barrel and propelling a projectile of not less than five comma six millimeters in diameter with not less than eight hundred and fifty joules of energy at the muzzle?  Kudu, elephant, impala, buffalo, bush pig, giraffe, crocodile, spotted hyena, hippopotamus. 4 mk

LAW.SEPT.17 – QU. 7  When does a Dealer’s License expire 1 mark

LAW.SEPT.17 – QU. 8  Within what period should imported ivory be registered? 2 mk

LAW.SEPT.17 – QU. 9    A National Parks officer shall require evidence that any ivory or horn has been lawfully acquired or imported or is lawfully possessed, as the case may be, by the person seeking to have it registered. Within what period is this evidence required? If one fails to produce this evidence, what happens to the ivory? 4 mk

LAW.SEPT.17 – QU. 10   Define unalienated land in terms of the wildlife laws of the country 3 mk

LAW.SEPT.17 – QU. 11   lf one wants to purchase a live wild animal, what are the three things he or she must look out for before the purchase? 6 mk

LAW.SEPT.17 – QU. 12   Which Statutory Instrument deals with CITES provisions or incorporates CITES provisions?   2 mk

LAW.SEPT.17 – QU. 13    James has been asked by a private game park owner to pick flowers of Gloriosa superba for ornamental purposes at his home. What legal advice would you give him 3 mk

LAW.SEPT.17 – QU. 14    State two ways you will use to dispose of refuse after taking your meals at a designated site in a park.  3 mk

LAW.SEPT.17 – QU. 15    The Director-General of Parks and Wildlife Management Authority has instructed his Auctioneers to auction your vessel that was impounded three months ago. Explain how you are going to legally challenge this decision and re-possess the vessel. 4 mk

LAW.SEPT.17 – QU. 16.   Your non-Zimbabwean clients have been refused permission to use an unregistered boat for recreational activities at Mazvikadei. Comment on this statement. 2 mk

LAW.SEPT.17 – QU. 17.  What is the minimum flying height for a plane flying over the Parks and Wildlife Estate? 2 mk

Total 50 marks                              Your score ………. X 2 =…………….. %

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