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Past Papers: September 2018


FA.SEPT.18 – Qu.1    Define the term “flinching”. 1 mk

FA.SEPT.18 – Qu.2   Describe any three ways that you can apply to stop flinching. 3 mks

FA.SEPT.18 – Qu.3   Define the following terms as used in ballistics:

a) Sectional density 1 mk

b) Ballistic Coefficient 1 mk

c) Muzzle Velocity   1 mk

FA.SEPT.18 – Qu.4   State the four shooting positions. 4 mks 

FA.SEPT.18 – Qu.5   Chido is sixteen years old. She is allowed to accept a firearm as a gift from her mother?  True/ False. 1 mk

FA.SEPT.18 – Qu.6    What advice can you give Trust who lost his firearm? 1 mk

FA.SEPT.18 – Qu.7   Give the two principal faults of the black powder (gun powder) as a propellant.  2 mks

FA.SEPT.18 – Qu.8   List the four main parts of a cartridge. 4 mks

FA.SEPT.18 – Qu.9    What do you understand by the term “head stamp”? 1 mk

FA.SEPT.18 – Qu.10   Explain how a shot is fired. 4 mks 

FA.SEPT.18 – Qu.11   List any four factors that affect recoil. 4 mks

FA.SEPT.18 – Qu.12   Differentiate a mis-fire from a hang fire. 2 mks

FA.SEPT.18 – Qu.13   List any five commandments of firearms safety that you know. 5 mks

FA.SEPT.18 – Qu. 14   State any three factors that influence bullet performance. 3 mks

FA.SEPT.18 – Qu.15   In the context of ballistics tables for the common calibres, what do the following abbreviations stand for-?

a) KKSP 1 mk

b) PL 1 mk

c) TOSTO 1 mk

d) TUG 1 mk

e) PP 1 mk

FA.SEPT.18 – Qu.16   What is the legal minimum calibre and muzzle energy for hunting a lion?  2 mks

FA.SEPT.18 – Qu.17   What type of bullet head would you recommend for the following animals?

a) Leopard 1 mk

b) Elephant 1 mk

FA.SEPT.18 – Qu.18   What is meant by “loading” a rifle? 1 mk

FA.SEPT.18 – Qu.19   List any two factors that affect lock time.  2 mks

Total 50 marks                          Your score ………. X 2 =…………….. %


GP.SEPT.18 – Qu.1   State the vision statement of the Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority.  2 mks

GP.SEPT.18 – Qu.2   Unplanned fires have become common in most parts of Zimbabwe especially during the dry periods. Give reasons for this. 2 mks

GP.SEPT.18 – Qu.3   Outline any four core values of ZIMPARKS.  4 mks

GP.SEPT.18 – Qu.4   Under which Ministry does ZIMPARKS fall under? 2 mks

GP.SEPT.18 – Qu.5   What is the meaning of the following acronyms used in the wildlife industry?

a. IUCN   1 mk

b.  KAZA    1 mk

GP.SEPT.18 – Qu.6    Describe any two types of electric game fence. 2 mks

GP.SEPT.18 – Qu.7     Give the names of the causative organisms for cholera and typhoid. 2 mks

GP.SEPT.18 – Qu.8    How does one prepare the salt and sugar solution? 3 mks

GP.SEPT.18 – Qu.9    You are looking for a wounded elephant and you find fresh spoor. How would you decide whether the animal was walking or running? 3 mks

GP.SEPT.18 – Qu.10  Fill in the table below.                                                     4 mks


GP.SEPT.18 – Qu.11    Both male and female giraffes (Giraffa camelopardalis) have horns. Which has tufts of hair on the horns? 1 mk

GP.SEPT.18 – Qu.12   According to CITES’s Red List, when can an animal be classified in Appendix 1.      2 mks

GP.SEPT.18 – Qu.13   State any three negative impacts of hunting wildlife in conservation areas.  3 mks

GP.SEPT.18 – Qu.14   Which Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority Statutory Instrument (SI) explains designated tourist facilities and their grading and standards?   2 mks

GP.SEPT.18 – Qu.15   State the other three Specially Protected Animals besidesgemsbok, pangolin, black rhino, cheetah, white rhino and aardwolf. 3 mks

GP.SEPT.18 – Qu.16     Define the term “indigenous species”.  2 mks

GP.SEPT.18 – Qu.17     Which ZIMPARKS Recreational Park is closest to Masvingo town‘? 1 mk

GP.SEPT.18 – Qu.18   Characterise a good sleeping bag.  3 mks

GP.SEPT.18 – Qu.19   How many UK Pounds would you need to pay a hunting permit which costs US$2 550.   (Exchange rate is 1 Pound to US$1.45). 2 mks

GP.SEPT.18 – Qu.20    Name the sound produced by a rhino.  1 mk

GP.SEPT.18 – Qu.21   Give the name of a TFCA shared by Zimbabwe, South Africa and Botswana. 2 mks

GP.SEPT.18 – Qu.22   You are hunting and your client sees a big elephant bull on the shoreline and wants to shoot it as it is on his quota. Is he allowed to shoot it? Give reasons for you answer. 2 mks

Total 50 marks                                 Your score ………. X 2 =…………….. ….


HH.SEPT.18 – Qu.1  Which habitat type is best described by the following:

Climate regimes are hotter and drier, annual rainfall below 600mm, develops on deep well-drained soil, Adansonia digitata is a characteristic associate, where exchangeable sodium levels are high.             2 mks

HH.SEPT.18 – Qu.2    Echolocation is characteristic in mammals of the order Chiroptera. Define the term ‘echolocation’.  2 mks

HH.SEPT.18 – Qu.3     Differentiate between oviparous snakes and ovoviviparous snakes in terms of reproduction.    2 mks

HH.SEPT.18 – Qu.4    Giving an example of each, explain how polygyny differs from polyandry in the polygamous behaviour of wild animals. 4 mks

HH.SEPT.18 – Qu.5    Explain the significance of the upward and curved one third of a Chacma baboon’s tail.   2 mks

HH.SEPT.18 – Qu.6  Which critical factor determines the size of any pride of lions?  2 mks

HH.SEPT.18 – HH.SEPT.18 – Qu.7   What are the gestation periods of the following mammals:

i. Oreotragus oreotragus 1 mk

ii. Taurotragus oryx 1 mk

iii. Hippotragus equinus 1 mk

iv. Connocahetes gnou 1 mk

HH.SEPT.18 – Qu.8    Which type of a monkey best suits the following description: Black face with white hair across the forehead and sides of the face and lower parts of the body are darker with a conspicuous blue scrotum.  2 mks

HH.SEPT.18 – Qu.9    Describe how a porcupine would react when threatened or cornered. 2 mks

HH.SEPT.18 – Qu.10   Explain why birds that nest in secure environments like thorny trees are more nidicolous than those that lay eggs on the ground. 3 mks

HH.SEPT.18 – Qu.11   Explain the implications of the predators having shorter gestation periods than the prey population with longer gestation periods   4 mks

HH.SEPT.18 – Qu.12    Explain why amphibians require water for reproduction as compared to the reptiles.  2 mks

HH.SEPT.18 – Qu.13    Describe how eggs of amphibians with tails are laid comparing to how eggs of amphibians without tails are laid.  2 mks

HH.SEPT.18 – Qu.14    Which snake is active during the day, sleeps in hollow trees, burrows, rock crevices or empty termite mounds and will always come back to the same place to sleep every night.  2 mks

HH.SEPT.18 – Qu.15     You are on a walking trail with your client and he gets bitten by a snake that you did not see. The client starts to develop the following signs and symptoms:  pain, excessive swelling and blistering at the lower leg.  Which snake could this be? 2 mks

HH.SEPT.18 – Qu.16      Differentiate between a leopard and a cheetah by marking using a tick and a cross matching the characteristic with either the leopard or the cheetah in the table below:  6 mks

Rosette marks on the body  
Tear marks on the face  
Slender body  

HH.SEPT.18 – Qu.17   Explain why sub-adult lions are mostly problem animal (PAC) cases in communities.  2 mks

HH.SEPT.18 – Qu.18    A bachelor (zebra) stallion will always try to kill foals of a dominant stallion so that it gets enough attention from the mother. True/False   2 mks

HH.SEPT.18 – Qu.19   The illustration shows the skull of a leopard. Demonstrate how you would measure the trophy size of this cat using the Rowland Ward method. 3 mks

Total 50 marks                                       Your score ………. X 2 =…………….. %


LAW.SEPT.18 – Qu.1    Professional Hunter James lawfully shot a zebra on his property. The seriously injured zebra crossed onto the neighbouring farm where it fell wounded and unable to escape further.  James followed the zebra onto the neighbouring farm to retrieve it.

(a) Is the searching and retrieving of the zebra on the neighbouring farm unlawful?  Explain your answer. 4 mks

(b) By not informing the owner of the neighbouring farm of his intentions to search for the zebra, did he commit an offence?  2 mks

(c) Can the act of following the zebra on the neighbouring farm be taken as “hunting” in terms of the law?  2 mks

LAW.SEPT.18 – Qu.2   If a hunter is inside a Safari Area, close to the boundary of the Area, searching for an animal that is just outside the Safari Area in order to shoot it, is he hunting within the Safari Area? Explain your answer. 4 mks

LAW.SEPT.18 – Qu. 3   Who issues a permit to hunt in a Recreational Park?  2 mks

LAW.SEPT.18 – Qu. 4   Define a “bush camp” in terms of the law. 2 mks

LAW.SEPT.18 – Qu. 5   Farai injured a nyala whilst hunting on Themba’s property. He informed Themba of this fact and advised him to report to the police station. Themba refused and insisted that it was Farai who must make the report. Was Themba right in terms of law? 3 mks

LAW.SEPT.18 – Qu. 6    Within what period of time after the expiry of a hunting permit should a hunter submit a record of animals hunted to a Parks Officer?  2 mks

LAW.SEPT.18 – Qu. 7    Hunter Samuel got authority from a Parks Officer to use fire to drive buffaloes during hunting. Was the Officer right in terms of the law to grant this authority?  2 mks

LAW.SEPT.18 – Qu. 8   What is the reckoning of time (prior to the commencement of the hunt) for a person who wishes to nominate a person to hunt in his stead.  In other words what is the notice period?    2 mks

LAW.SEPT.18 – Qu. 9   Within what period of time should any fee payable by a right-holder for an animal hunted in terms of a hunting permit be paid?  2 mks

LAW.SEPT.18 – Qu. 10   Define the following terms according to law:

(a) Dealer  2 mks

(b) Pool area 1 mk

(c) Development area  2 mks

LAW.SEPT.18 – Qu. 11    What is the position of the law with respect to:

(a) Mercy killing?  2 mks

(b) Shooting in self-defence?  2 mks

LAW.SEPT.18 – Qu. 12   State any four (4) prohibited methods of hunting in terms of SI 362 of 1990.  4 mks

LAW.SEPT.18 – Qu. 13    Is it legally possible to shoot a domesticated animal in the Parks and Wildlife Estate? 2 mks

LAW.SEPT.18 – Qu. 14   List any three (3) prohibited weapons for hunting in terms of SI 362 of 1990.  3 mks

LAW.SEPT.18 – Qu. 15    Is it lawful for one to hunt a bird using a weapon that has a rifled barrel and propels a projectile of not less 5,6mm in diameter with not less than 850 joules of energy at the muzzle. 2 mks

LAW.SEPT.18 – Qu. 16   Which Statutory Instruments respectively regulates:

(i) Bow hunting in Zimbabwe?

(ii) Issuing of hunting quotas?

(iii) Import and Export of wildlife products?  3 mks

Total 50 marks                                     Your score ………. X 2 =…………….. %

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