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Past Papers: September 2019


FA.SEPT.19 – QU. 1. At the end of the hunting season how would you care for your weapon to ensure that it remains in good condition?       2 mks

FA.SEPT.19 – QU. 2  Notification of change of address or change of occupation by any person who holds a firearms certificate should be made to who and within what period?    2 mks

FA.SEPT.19 – QU. 3      a. Briefly explain the difference between expanding and non-expanding bullets.    2 mks

b.What types of animal will be hunted with each of the bullet types described in a. above. 2 mks

FA.SEPT.19 – QU. 4   What constitute riflings?         2 mks

FA.SEPT.19 – QU. 5    Outline three circumstances under which one cannot be granted a firearms certificate.    2 mks

FA.SEPT.19 – QU. 6   Explain the meaning of the following terms to a client who has no experience in firearms and ballistics:

a. drift    2 mks

b. hangfire    2 mks

c. muzzle velocity   2 mks

d. lock time   2 mks

e. mushroom   2 mks

FA.SEPT.19 – QU. 7  What compromises internal ballistics?         3 mks

FA.SEPT.19 – QU. 8 State any three rifle actions.   3 mks

FA.SEPT.19 – QU. 9  At what age can a person accept a firearm as a gift.     1 mk

FA.SEPT.19 – QU. 10   Outline four acts or behavior that is considered improper use of firearms according to the Firearms Act, Chapter 10:09.         4 mks

FA.SEPT.19 – QU. 11   In terms of ballistics and hunting in Zimbabwe game falls into four distinct categories. Which are these and give examples of each.  8 mks

FA.SEPT.19 – QU. 12   Loss, theft or destruction of a firearm or ammunition should be reported within what period?  2 mks

FA.SEPT.19 – QU. 13   There are two main types of gun/rifle. Which are these and give examples of each.   4 mks.

FA.SEPT.19 – QU. 14    What is the common rifle action used in the hunting industry?      1 mk

FA.SEPT.19 – QU. 15    Explain why a .375 is regarded as an all-rounder rifle.     2 mks

Total 50 marks              Your score ………. X 2 =…………….. %


GP.SEPT.19 – QU. 1   What is the most important human activity leading to the extinction of wildllife?  2 mks

GP.SEPT.19 – QU.2   When is World Wildlife Week? 2 mks

GP.SEPT.19 – QU. 3   Why should one avoid guinea fowls when tracking game?    2 mks

GP.SEPT.19 – QU. 4  Which group of vertebrates comprises the highest number of endangered species? 1 mk

GP.SEPT.19 – QU. 5   In relation to natural resources conservation define a “hotspot”. 2 mks

GP.SEPT.19 – QU. 6  Which ZIMPARKS estates exempt you from paying vehicle entry fees? 3 mks

GP.SEPT.19 – QU. 7   Are foreign owned tour operator vehicles allowed to enter ZIMPARKS estates as well as conducting tours within the Parks Estate?  2 mks

GP.SEPT.19 – QU. 8   What does the acronym RTGS stand for in Zim currency?  2 mks

GP.SEPT.19 – QU. 9   a) State the pre-entry requirements for proficiency test for Hunter/Guides and Canoe guides? 3 mks

b) Which animal species are you recommended to shoot when you are a learner Hunter/Guide on attachment? 4 mks

GP.SEPT.19 – QU. 10  Give the scientific names of the black and white rhinos.                2 mks

GP.SEPT.19 – QU. 11 Select Specially Protected species from the list below:

Cycads, storks, hammerkop, sabi star                                          2 mks

GP.SEPT.19 – QU. 12    Distinguish between a migrant and nomad species.                  2 mks

GP.SEPT.19 – QU. 13   In First Aid what are the three situations in which you would not treat causality?  3 mks

GP.SEPT.19 – QU. 14  Outline any four parts of a sleeping bag.    2 mks

GP.SEPT.19 – QU. 15  Water is essential for survival in the wilderness.  If there is no safe drinking water available to you and your clients how will you find your own?    3 mks

GP.SEPT.19 – QU. 16   What is the difference in the sound made by a dying buffalo and that made by a charging buffalo?  2 mks

GP.SEPT.19 – QU. 17   Fill in the table below:                                              4 mks


GP.SEPT.19 – QU. 18 When an animal is wounded during a hunt why is it important to wait half an hour before beginning the follow-up?               2 mks

GP.SEPT.19 – QU. 19  Where do you find main offices for the following ZIMPARKS clusters?

a. Mid-Zambezi Cluster                              1 mk

b. Matusadonha Cluster                             1 mk

GP.SEPT.19 – QU. 20


  • Hot dog – $22.00
  • Chicken salad – $15.00
  • Hamburger – $25.00
  • Pizza – $38.00

(All charges in Zimbabwe RTGS)

A British family are on holiday at Great Zimbabwe.  At the café they order 3 hotdogs and one chicken salad.  The exchange rate is £1 = RTGS$ 15.50. Using the information from the menu above work out their total bill in pounds.    3 mks   

Total 50 marks              Your score ………. X 2 =……………..


HH.SEPT.19 – QU. 1    A bush baby’s eyes cannot move from side to side in their sockets and their ears have a complex series of folds which enable them to detect the direction of sound accurately. True/False   1 mk

HH.SEPT.19 – QU. 2   Differentiate between the spots of a leopard and the spots of a cheetah.     2 mks

HH.SEPT.19 – QU. 3    Briefly describe the leaf arrangement on the Brachystegia spiciformis and Julbinadia globiflora tree species, outlining their distinct differences.     2 mks

HH.SEPT.19 – QU. 4   Buffalo bulls are very territorial and aggressive towards each other. Confirm this statement.  1 mk

HH.SEPT.19 – QU. 5   The aardwolf looks like a hyaena in both structure and diet (sic) but differs from the hyaena in that it mostly feeds on insects hence it belongs to the Order Insectivora. True/False     2 mks

HH.SEPT.19 – QU. 6   What are the gestation periods of the following?

  1. Protelus cristatus               1 mk
  2. Syncerus caffer                   1 mk
  3. Equus burchelli                   1 mk

HH.SEPT.19 – QU.7    Define osteophagy in mammals. 1 mk

HH.SEPT.19 – QU.8    Which species of hyena is more secretive than the other between the two species that are normally found in Zimbabwe?           2 mks

HH.SEPT.19 – QU. 9 Describe the relationship between lion pride size and prey abundance in an area and justify the relationship.              4 mks

HH.SEPT.19 – QU. 10   Explain the hierarchy of feeding by lions after a successful hunt.    3 mks

HH.SEPT.19 – QU. 11  Differentiate between the zebra and the wildebeest in terms of presence or absence of incisor teeth.    3 mks

HH.SEPT.19 – QU. 12  Which woodland type is favoured by the sable antelope?               2 mks

HH.SEPT.19 – QU. 13   Hares and rabbits are similar but different. Explain.   4 mks

HH.SEPT.19 – QU. 14   Give the 3 sites that an amphibian can use for breathing.        3 mks

HH.SEPT.19 – QU. 15    Describe the triple life that the Family Pleurodelidae of amphibians can live.       3 mks

HH.SEPT.19 – QU. 16   Your client has a permit to hunt blue wildebeest but he does not know the difference between the two species. Explain how you would distinguish the blue from the black wildebeest for your client.    4 mks

HH.SEPT.19 – QU. 17    Distinguish between acrodont and pleurodont type of teeth in reptiles. 2 mks

HH.SEPT.19 – QU. 18   Under what conditions do crocodiles use the scuttling belly locomotion style?      2 mks

HH.SEPT.19 – QU. 19   What is the difference between the brown snake eagle (Circaetus cinereus) and the black-breasted snake eagle (Circaetus gallicus) in terms of their preferred habitats?      2 mks

HH.SEPT.19 – QU. 20   The aardvark (antbear) has four toes on the front foot and five toes on the hind foot. How many toes on each foot clearly show in the track?      2 mks

HH.SEPT.19 – QU. 21   You are with clients and you come across a burrow with an entrance about 40 cm and 30 cm high with accumulations of large dark droppings located near the burrow. Which animal could this be?    2 mks

Total 50 marks              Your score ………. X 2 =……………..


LAW.SEPT.19 – QU. 1 With reference to the Parks and Wild Life (General Regulations,1990) define the following terms:

  1. Camping site                          1 mk
  2. Accommodation                    1 mk

LAW.SEPT.19 – QU. 2   State the difference between a botanic garden and a botanic reserve and give an example of each in terms of Zimbabwean wildlife laws.  4 mks               

LAW.SEPT.19 – QU. 3    Facts in brief:

Pet shot a kudu with permission on his uncle’s farm. The kudu crossed into a neighbouring farm (Chegutu Farm) where Pet found it. Pet was arrested on Chegutu Farm whilst retrieving his kudu and charged with an offence of contravening Sect. 59(2) (a) and (b) of the Parks and Wildlife Act. In short it was alleged that he had hunted a kudu without the permission of the owner or occupier of Chegutu Farm. In other words the searching or flushing out of the kudu took place not only on the uncle’s farm but on Chegutu Farm after the kudu was shot.  Question: Is Pet guilty of contravening  Sect. 59(2) (a) and (b) of the Parks and Wildlife Act?   6 mks

LAW.SEPT.19 – QU. 4  Ronald, a professional guide, was guiding clients in Chizarira National Park. An elephant charges one of the clients & he shoots the animal to protect the client. What does the law say about this scenario?  2 mks

LAW.SEPT.19 – QU. 5  Which Statutory Instrument regulates the import and export of wildlife trophies?     1 mk

LAW.SEPT.19 – QU. 6   Within what period should imported ivory be registered? 1 mk

LAW.SEPT.19 – QU. 7   A National Parks officer will require evidence that any ivory or horn has been lawfully acquired or imported or is lawfully possessed, as the case may be, by the person seeking to have it registered. Within what period is that evidence required. If the evidence is not produced what happens to the ivory?      4 mks

LAW.SEPT.19 – QU. 8  List any two prohibited methods of hunting in terms of the law.    2 mks

LAW.SEPT.19 – QU. 9 Mr. Petros, a veterinary doctor, came across a very sick kudu in Chirisa Safari Area and advised the rangers that the kudu be killed. What advice can you give Dr. Petros.                     3 mks

LAW.SEPT.19 – QU. 10  State four conditions under which the Minister may grant permission to hunt a rhino in a National Park.     4 mks

LAW.SEPT.19 – QU. 11   Define the term “Authority” according to the Parks & Wildlife Act. 2 mks

LAW.SEPT.19 – QU. 12    Lloyd, a professional hunter, is hunting leopard in the Parks and Wildlife Estate. His foreign client proposes to hunt the leopard around 20.00 hrs since it is mostly seen at that time close to a mountain. What would your response be?        3 mks

LAW.SEPT.19 – QU. 13   Mr Badza had a permit to hunt an elephant in Chete Safari Area which is along the Zambezi River but the river is not part of the Chete Safari Area but rather part of Kariba Recreational Park.  Mr Badza thought of sailing along the Zambezi River searching for a good elephant using binoculars. He saw an elephant from the boat, stopped the boat, made landfall, entered the Chete Safari Area and shot the elephant. Was there anything wrong with Mr Badze’s conduct? Explain your answer.     5 mks

LAW.SEPT.19 – QU. 14   ZIMPARKS rangers seized a domestic cat which had been unlawfully introduced into the park and later demanded payment of the cost of seizing and detaining the cat. What is the position of the law in relation to the above.          3 mks

LAW.SEPT.19 – QU. 15   State any two of the following:

  1. Class 1 trap                   1 mk
  2. Class 2 trap                  1 mk

LAW.SEPT.19 – QU. 16  With reference to the Parks and Wildlife (General) Regulations Statutory Instrument 362 of 1990 specify the list of animals that can be hunted using projectiles whose bullet diameter and muzzle energy are given in the table below: elephant, eland, waterbuck, bushbuck.        4 mks

CategoryBullet diameterMuzzle energySpecies

LAW.SEPT.19 – QU. 17   The pangolin is a protected species in terms of Zimbabwean law. How many pangolin species are found in the world and which ones or one is found in Zimbabwe.                      2 mks

Total 50 marks              Your score ………. X 2 =……………..

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