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Planning A Trip To Zimbabwe?

Are you planning a trip to Zimbabwe? Well done! Good choice! You will experience spectacular wildlife and scenery, warm hospitable people, a rich cultural and historical background.

On the other hand, you do need to know that there are a number of logistical challenges in visiting Zimbabwe at the moment– and I can help you to have a spectacular holiday untroubled by these challenges by supplying all or any of the following services:   

  • Helping you to design a trip tailored to your tastes;
  • Making bookings (a number of wonderful places in Zimbabwe have not yet caught up with the charms of on-line booking/paying);
  • Airport transfers;
  • Accommodation in Harare (suite with bedroom/double bed, living area, kitchen & shower/toilet + extra single room/bed);
  • Catering while accommodated in Harare;
  • Supplying a vehicle;
  • Organising fuel (supplies of fuel are limited and for the most part require a great deal of queuing or local knowledge for the purchase of drums of fuel);
  • Driving (one can fly between Harare, Bulawayo and Victoria Falls but many of the places you might want to visit are far apart and public transport extremely limited – long distance driving is called for in many cases);
  • Guiding (I am a guide certified to conduct parties through all the Zimbabwean National Parks);
  • Supplying food & camping equipment (if you wish to go on trips into the bush or self-catering in National Parks)
  • Supplying the wherewithal to pay for goods & services in the current economic climate (foreign bank cards/cash can only be used in very restricted circumstances and local cash is very hard to come by – it is therefore desirable to have access to a local bank card and telephone banking facilities). (You might want to look at this article “The 7 or maybe 8 forms of money in Zimbabwe as of June, 2022” to be entertained or to have your mind blown -

It is an exercise in futility to post prices for goods and services in Zimbabwe. If you would like me to help with the logistics of your trip to Zimbabwe or to act as your guide please use the contact page to email me.

To help you to plan a trip I would need to know:

  • Time available (number of days)
  • Budget – roughly per person per day
  • Special interests – e.g. in education, culture, alternative medicine, exotic food, meeting local people, ……..
  • Special aversions – e.g. “Can’t stand camping”, “Very nervous of creepy-crawlies”, “Don’t like game parks – game best seen on TV” ……..
  • General tastes – e.g. “Don’t want to rush about much – would rather be at one place for a number of days”, “Do not like to be in a car much”, “Must have constant Wi-Fi access” ………

And, whether you would like to self-drive & explore or whether you would like me to act as courier and guide.

Paddy Pacey

Zimbabwean field guide and trainer of aspiring guides

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