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Professional Hunters & Guides Qualification: What’s involved?

Professional Hunters & Guides Qualification:  What’s Involved?

The process of getting a Professional Hunter or Professional Safari Guide qualification in Zimbabwe is extremely demanding and the qualification is justifiably highly respected internationally.

The Professional certification can only be undertaken a minimum of two years after obtaining the Learner Hunters and Guides qualification, during which time you have to be an apprentice under the supervision of a registered Professional Hunter or Safari Guide.

For the details of what is involved in becoming a Professional Hunter or Safari Guide look at the ZPHGA site (
In general you have to:

  • Have been involved in the full range of hunter/ safari guide/hospitality activities;
  • Taken part in a number of successful dangerous game hunts;
  • Have a detailed logbook recording all relevant activities that you have been engage with;
  • Have a letter of recommendation from your supervising Professional to the Examining Board stating that s/he supports the apprentice’s application;
  • Have an Advanced 1st Aid certificate;
  • Attend a Shooting Exam held by National Parks and the Zimbabwe Shooting Federation, in Bulawayo and Harare;
  • Attend an interview in Harare or Bulawayo, held by National Parks/ZPHGA;
  • Be invited to the SEVEN day extremely demanding practical Proficiency Exam process.

Paddy Pacey

Teacher, Lecturer, Author, Facilitator, Safari Guide

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