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Examination Papers – September, 2021

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FA.SEPT.21 – QU. 1    What constitute riflings?            2 mks

FA.SEPT.21 – QU. 2   

a. Describe briefly the difference between expanding and non-expanding bullets.   2 mks

b. What types of animals will be hunted with each of the bullet types described in a. above?    2 mks

FA.SEPT.21 – QU. 3    Explain why a .375 is regarded as a good all-rounder rifle.     1 mk

FA.SEPT.21 – QU. 4   What comprises internal ballistics?     3 mks

FA.SEPT.21 – QU. 5 Explain the meaning of the following terms to a client who has no experience in firearms and ballistics. (1 mk each)

  1. Drift
  2. Hang fire
  3. Muzzle velocity
  4. Lock time
  5. Mushroom

FA.SEPT.21 – QU. 6    What is the name given to the unwanted motion of the body when anticipating recoil or a loud bang? 1 mk

FA.SEPT.21 – QU. 7    Explain the functions of the following materials used to clean rifles (1 mk each):

  1. Gun oil
  2. London oil
  3. Nitro-solvent

FA.SEPT.21 – QU. 8 What are the differences between rimmed and rimless cartridges? 2 mks

FA.SEPT.21 – QU. 9   State any four rifle actions.    4 mks

FA.SEPT.21 – QU. 10    Firearms have led to many more deaths and injuries than ever will be caused by wild animals. Highlight five tips for protecting people from firearms accidents in the hunting industry.     5 mks

FA.SEPT.21 – QU. 11  

a. Who issues a temporary import permit?     1 mk

b. For how long is this permit valid?   1 mk

Learner Hunters & Guides Examinations, September, 2021


GP.SEPT.21 – QU. 1  List any two websites that are used for bookings in the travel and tourism sector.   2 mks

GP.SEPT.21 – QU. 2   State three funny facts about Binga Mountain.    3 mks

GP.SEPT.21 – QU. 3    His Excellency Cde. Emmerson Dambudzo Managagwa is the President of the Republic of Zimbabwe.

  1. How old is he and when was his birthday this year?   2 mks
  2. On which date was he inaugurated to become the President of Zimbabwe?    1 mk

GP.SEPT.21 – QU. 4   State the name of the flower that is the National Flower of Zimbabwe.    1 mk

GP.SEPT.21 – QU. 5 List any two functions of a GPS device     2 mks

GP.SEPT.21 – QU. 6  Identify any three factors to consider when selecting a camping site.   3 mks

GP.SEPT.21 – QU. 7    Explain how one can prepare a salt and sugar solution.    2 mks

GP.SEPT.21 – QU. 8     Besides The Herald, The Chronicle, The Sunday Mail and Kwayedza state any other three newspapers of Zimbabwe.    3 mks

GP.SEPT.21 – QU. 9    What was the theme for the Zimbabwe International Trade Fair for 2021?   2 mks

GP.SEPT.21 – QU. 10      When is the 2021 Zimbabwe Agricultural show going to be held?   2 mks

GP.SEPT.21 – QU. 11   List the three Covid 19 variants that have prevailed in Zimbabwe.   3 mks

GP.SEPT.21 – QU. 12   List the Zimparks Regional Offices that you would visit for wildlife related issues if you were coming from the following towns: Victoria Falls, Nyanga, Masvingo, Bulawayo.    4 mks

GP.SEPT.21 – QU. 13    Explain the difference between a botanical reserve and a botanical garden.   2 mks

GP.SEPT.21 – QU. 14     Apart from Zimparks list any four organisations that fall under the Ministry of Environment, Tourism and Hospitality Industries.    4 mks

GP.SEPT.21 – QU. 15   Briefly explain the role of Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) in wildlife conservation.   3 mks

GP.SEPT.21 – QU. 16   If two physically fit men can walk a distance of 10 km in two hours how much time is taken by seven men of the same physical fitness to complete the same distance under the same weather conditions?   3 mks

GP.SEPT.21 – QU. 17   When and where is the next Convention of Parties (COP 19) going to be held?   2 mks

GP.SEPT.21 – QU. 18  Give any two examples of activities that depict the sustainable utilization of resources done by Zimparks as an organisation.    2 mks

GP.SEPT.21 – QU. 19   Which is the furthest inland dam in Zimbabwe. (Not sure if this should read “largest” rather than furthest?)

GP.SEPT.21 – QU. 20  You have a foreign client in camp. How would you advise your client if he asks you to accompany him clubbing at 11.00pm considering the lockdown measures in Zimbabwe?    2 mks

Learner Hunters & Guides Examinations, September, 2021


HH.SEPT.21 – QU. 1 Identify the monkeys described below:

  1. Black face outlined in white. Males with red penis and blue scrotum  1 mk
  2. Head, shoulders & limbs black to dark reddish-brown, face brown with long white beard   1 mk

HH.SEPT.21 – QU. 2   Analyse how dominant and subordinate baboons mate with their female counterparts.    3 mks

HH.SEPT.21 – QU. 3   Compare the behaviour of a pangolin and a porcupine when threatened.   4 mks

HH.SEPT.21 – QU. 4   Give a detailed analysis of a painted dog on proestrus and on oestrus.   4 mks

HH.SEPT.21 – QU. 5    Explain the term “midden”.   2 mks

HH.SEPT.21 – QU. 6     Which most probable animal has a tendency to scatter clumps of matted dark green to black dung on the ground and on bushes/trees at the sides of roads or pathways.   2 mks

HH.SEPT.21 – QU. 7   Studies have shown that high levels of testosterone in the female foetuses of hyena has caused the female genitalia to mimic the male genitalia. The clitoris has become enlarged to look like a penis (penniform clitoris) which encloses the vagina and the urethra in female hyenas. Unveil the physiological mechanism for a successful penetration during mating.   3 mks

HH.SEPT.21 – QU. 8   Explain the following anti-predation terms (2 mks each):

  • Mimicry
  • Distraction display
  • Autotomy

HH.SEPT.21 – QU. 9

  1. Distinguish between the extent/degree of cover of black spots on the faces of a cheetah and a leopard. 2 mks
  2. Whereas on a cheetah the tear mark is conceivably believed to reflect ambient light to the eyes what similar structure does the same function on a leopard?    2 mks

HH.SEPT.21 – QU. 10    The skin of frogs is permeable to water, hence they hide in dark or shade to avoid desiccation. True or false?   2 mks

HH.SEPT.21 – QU. 11     Of the four orders of reptiles identify the three that are well represented in Southern Africa and Zimbabwe in particular.   3 mks

HH.SEPT.21 – QU. 12   The sex of young crocs is determined in the egg by the incubation temperature, males developing in high temperature. Likewise relate sex determination to temperature regimes in turtles.     2 mks

HH.SEPT.21 – QU. 13   Individualise the Connochaetes gnou from the Connochaetes tauritanus using horn structure/shape.   4 mks

HH.SEPT.21 – QU. 14  

  1. Validate this statement “Hippos can swim under water”.   2 mks
  2. Explain why male hippos will always force the head of the female hippo under water when mating.    2 mks

HH.SEPT.21 – QU. 15

The pictures below are of two different tree species, A and B. Identify a Julbernadia globiflora from a Brachystegia spiciformis tree species.   2 mks.

HH.SEPT.21 – QU. 16     A predator’s diets consists mainly of its principal food and less of its preferred food. Describe the possible combination of a lion’s diet in terms of such in the wild.    3 mks

Learner Hunters & Guides Examinations, September, 2021


LAW.SEPT.21 – QU. 1    Define the following in terms of the relevant wildlife laws (1 mark each)

  • Dangerous animal
  • Designated animal
  • Tour operator
  • Tourist accommodation
  • Dealer

LAW.SEPT.21 – QU. 2 Is it possible for a tour operator to allow a tourist who is a visitor to Zimbabwe to conduct a hunting safari?   3 mks

LAW.SEPT.21 – QU. 3   State any three powers of the President in relation to safari areas.    3 mks

LAW.SEPT.21 – QU. 4   State the particulars of a client who is lawfully given accommodation for not less than one night by an operator which must be recorded in a register   4 mks

LAW.SEPT.21 – QU. 5 Discuss the following codes as used in the export of wildlife trophies. The codes are used when exporting CITES controlled specimens with particular reference to the source of the specimens:

  1. W
  2. R
  3. C                                                                            3 mks

LAW.SEPT.21 – QU. 6   Elaborate on the relevant law for hunting at night in Zimbabwe.     2 mks

LAW.SEPT.21 – QU. 7    Timothy, in the company of Professional Hunter Thomas, was legally hunting a male elephant in the Hurungwe Safari Area. They came across a big elephant and shot and wounded it. They searched for it until 1730 hrs and could not locate it. On their way to camp around 1900hrs they came across the injured elephant which had a broken spine and positively identified it. They killed it and carried it to camp.

a. Was there anything wrong with their actions?   2 mks

b.  Explain your answer.     3 mks

LAW.SEPT.21 – QU. 8    What is mainly regulated by Statutory Instrument 114 of 2019?    2 mks

LAW.SEPT.21 – QU. 9    Outline the purpose of the Trapping of Animals Control Act, Chapter 20:21     2 mks

LAW.SEPT.21 – QU. 10   Whilst sailing in the waters of Kariba Dam with clients Professional Hunter James’ boat was impounded by rangers from Charara Safari Area. Facts around the arrest were that Salvinia species weed and Eichornia species weed were found hanging beneath his boat which had previously been used in Chivero Recreational Park.  Comment on the empoundment in terms of the law    3 mks

LAW.SEPT.21 – QU. 11    Tawanda, a PH having all the necessary documents, shot a waterbuck on property belonging to Karen. The wounded waterbuck crossed onto the property of Mr. Harrison. Tawanda, upon realizing that the waterbuck was seriously injured and could not escape further afield decided to notify Mr. Harrison before recovering the waterbuck.

  1. Was he within his rights to recover the waterbuck?  3 mks
  2. Would failure to inform Mr. Harrison result in legal action against Tawanda.   2 mks.

LAW.SEPT.21 – QU. 12   State the purpose of NP/CITES Form 3.      2 mks

LAW.SEPT.21 – QU. 13   What is the difference between exporting a leopard trophy and a kudu trophy with reference to names and numbers of permits.   2 mks

LAW.SEPT.21 – QU. 14  What is a re-export permit?  2   mks

LAW.SEPT.21 – QU. 15 Is bow hunting allowed on unalienated land?     1 mk

LAW.SEPT.21 – QU. 16 With reference to bow hunting, what is the position of the law on the use of:

  1. Broadhead
  2. Crossbow
  3. An art arrow without a chemical to kill animals           3 mks

LAW.SEPT.21 – QU. 17   Advise a client on the paperwork needed for one to travel to Zimbabwe with a firearm.     3 mks.

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Zimbabwean field guide and trainer of aspiring guides

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