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Studying, Memory & Concentration: Preparing for the Learner Hunters & Guides Exams


This 100 page booklet offers you two main types of information – how we learn (anything) and specialised Hunters and Guides material that will help you in your preparation for the examinations.

1. How We Learn (Anything)

  • The latest research on how the brain works and how learning takes place (or fails to take place). This section looks at all the factors that affect your learning – mood, diet, sleep, learning style, etc.;
  • Suggestions on the type and length of study sessions that are most effective;
  • Suggestions for the wide range of different techniques you could use for helping information to stick in your memory.
Chunking & blocking

2. Learning Specialized H&Gs Material

Information on topics that concern these particular examinations, for example:

  • Learning through comparisons – specific examples (taken from the syllabus and examination papers) of learning by bringing together things that are similar but must be distinguished, e.g., boomslang and green mamba, hyena and aardwolf, hang-fire and misfire, heatstroke and heat exhaustion, white rhino and black rhino, msasa and munondo leaves. (Below are a couple of samples of the advantages of comparisons.)
Black & white rhino comparison
Munondo vs Msasa
  • An introduction to taxonomy – the scientific sorting of all living things that gives us the system of internationally recognized scientific names.
Intro to taxonomy
  • Suggestions for fun ways to learn the scientific names of the plants and animals you are learning about.


If you are interested in buying this material please use the contact page to email me.

Paddy Pacey

Zimbabwean field guide and trainer of aspiring guides

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